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Port Moody is a vibrant, connected, and liveable city, with distinctive places and spaces, where growth is managed in strategic balance with quality of life. Our approach to land use planning focuses on cultural, social, environmental, and economic sustainability, and we are committed to helping businesses thrive. 

Business and economic development

Are you looking to start or expand your business in Port Moody? Review our information about business licences, forms, and permits to find out what documents you need to get started. You can also review our business directory and economic profile to learn more about the types of businesses operating in our city.

Interested in creating a welcoming public space near your business? Consider sponsoring a parklet through our Parklet Program


Learn about building and renovating in Port Moody. Depending on your project, you may need to apply for a building permit.

City planning

Our Official Community Plan (OCP) describes our long-term vision for Port Moody. It's a statement of objectives and policies to guide decisions on planning and land use management. Our Zoning Bylaw regulates how land, buildings, and other structures may be used in our city. We also engage in social planning to help create a liveable community for residents of all ages.

Development applications

Our development application review process includes careful consideration by City staff, stakeholders, and Council. As part of this process residents are encouraged to give feedback to help inform decisions about proposed developments.

Visit Development and Planning to learn more about how to submit a development application and how to give your input on current applications.