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Clarke Drive and Seaview Drive: Utility installation

Date: June 26 - July 8

Hours of work: 9am-3pm on Clarke Drive; 7am-5pm on Seaview Drive

Location: Clarke Drive at Seaview Drive

Impact to you: There will be temporarily no parking along Seaview Drive and traffic will be single-lane alternating. On Clarke Drive at Seaview Drive, traffic will be diverted to travel in the northbound left turn lane. 


Gatensbury Road: Final completion work 

Date: Ongoing

Location: Gatensbury Road

Impact to you: There will be minor traffic pattern changes, however, single lane alternating traffic will be maintained at all times.

Metro Vancouver: Sewer line flushing

Date: June 17 - 18

Hours of work: 9am-3pm

Location: Near St. Johns Street and Clearview Drive, and Dewdney Trunk Road and Fraser Street.

Impact to you: At both locations, traffic will be reduced to single lane alternating. There may be intermittent road closures lasting 30-60 minutes.


College Park Neighbourhood: Bus stop accessibility upgrades

Date: June 17 – 28

Hours of work: 7am-5pm

Location: Various bus stops in College Park along Cecile Drive, College Park Way, Washington Drive, Princeton Drive, and Glenayre Drive.

Impact to you: Coast Mountain Bus Company will temporarily relocate the bus stop a few metres away from the original location during construction work. There will be some disruption to traffic near each work site, including times when it may be single lane alternating.


FortisBC: Gas Line Upgrades in Coquitlam

Date: March 2019 - ongoing

Location: Como Lake Avenue in Coquitlam

Impact to you: FortisBC is upgrading a natural gas line between Coquitlam and Burnaby starting March 2019. No construction will take place in Port Moody. However, staggered lane closures on Como Lake Avenue in Coquitlam may affect travel times to and from Port Moody as well as increase the traffic on Port Moody streets.

More info:


Metro Vancouver: Albert Street Sewer Upgrade

Date: Summer 2019

Location: Seaforth Way, Clarke Road, and Spring Street

Impact to you: Phase one of the project will take approximately four months and impacts may include traffic delays and road closures, parking restrictions, and temporary property access restrictions for residents.

More info: (search "Albert Street Sewer Upgrade")

Murray Street Upgrades Project

Our Murray Street Upgrades Project will improve driver, cyclist, and pedestrian safety while also making it more comfortable and convenient for people to use sustainable methods of transportation. Construction work begins in September 2019 and is expected to be completed in June 2020.

View our Murray Street Upgrades Project page for project details. 


South Shoreline Trail Improvements Project
Construction on the South Shoreline Trail Improvements Project is scheduled to start the week of May 27 and continue for approximately 10 weeks.

The first phase of the project focuses on the paved Shoreline Trail from Rocky Point Park to the merge at Murray Street. This section of the paved trail will be closed until approximately the end of June. Detours include the gravel section of the trail as well as the bike path and sidewalk along Murray Street. 

Hours of work are 7am-7pm Monday to Friday, and 9am-5pm on Saturdays. Some potential noise during those times is to be expected. This construction work is weather dependent. 

The South Shoreline Trail Improvements Project will improve safety for cyclists and pedestrians. Improvements include widening the path, removal of root intrusions and resurfacing of the path, improved drainage, better sightlines, and enhanced signage. 
Edgestone - Bold Development

Douglas Street will be open to local traffic only during construction hours. Traffic control persons will assist residents to access their property during work times. From May 20 - November 22, 2019, the west sidewalk of Douglas Street will be closed off to pedestrians for safety prevention measures. 


George Development - Marcon

As part of this development, a portion of Dallas Creek, between Hope Street and St. Andrews Street, will see significant upgrades including the installation of a new culvert crossing under St. George Street. In order to facilitate this upgrade, St. George Street will need to be closed to through traffic from Buller Street and Williams Street. Drivers will be directed to Henry Street or St Johns.


Parcel D - Brew St. - Onni

The western exit from Ioco Road onto Capilano Road will be closed. Vehicles and pedestrians will still be able to exit Suterbrook Village east from Capilano Road and Brew Street. In addition to the previously mentioned closure, the parking spaces located along the southern curb lane of Capilano Road will also be closed.


Platform Development - Aragon

There will be utility upgrades along Clarke Street including the upgrade of a storm sewer from Grant Street to Moody Street which will require temporary and full lane closures. The Engineering Department is working with the developer to help minimize the effects of the closures on residents. Traffic will be limited to construction vehicles entering and exiting the site.


Woodbridge Homes - Trillium Projects

Moray Place will have temporary 24 hour no parking in effect. On St. Johns Street, the curb eastbound lane may be closed while the two through eastbound lanes will remain open at all times. When lifting and transferring materials over sidewalk, traffic control persons will be onsite to assist pedestrians.