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The completion of construction projects is dependent on weather. The following dates and times are subject to change.

Roadwork and construction
St. Johns Street Multi-Use Path - Construction

Date: August 14, 2023 - Spring 2024 (Work is weather dependent)
Hours of work: 7am-7pm weekdays and 9am-6pm on Saturdays (if needed)
Location: Between Albert Street and Moody Street
Impact to you: Residents and businesses near St. Johns Street will face noise, dust, and traffic disruptions during construction. The eastbound curb lane and the pedestrian south sidewalk will be closed, directing foot traffic to the north. While there may be parking limitations and detours, safety measures, clear signage, and traffic personnel will be in place. Local businesses will remain open, but motorists and bus routes should anticipate rerouting and delays. For more information on this project, please visit the St. Johns Street Redesign Project webpage.

Glenayre Drive - Watermain Replacement
Date: February 26 to June 5, 2024
Location: Glenayre Drive and Glenacre Court
Hours of work: 7am-5pm
Impact to you: Throughout this period, the affected streets will be reduced to a single lane with alternating traffic, and on-street parking will be restricted. Allow for extra time if you plan to drive in the area.
Park and trail construction
Shoreline Trail lower gravel path and boardwalk - closure early January 2024

On December 11, 2023, work began on Phase 1, which includes the section of boardwalk and gravel trail that runs between Murray Street (3200 block) and Suter Brook Creek, which is south of the connector trail behind Trasolini Field. Closures to this section of trail are anticipated to begin early January 2024 and as the project progresses will extend to include the full Phase 1 and Phase 2 section from Murray Street to the intersection with the upper paved multi-use path near the bridge over Noons Creek. Trail users will be able to detour along the multi-use pathway, though users should note there will be intermittent closures to the multi-use pathway for final trail paving in early 2024. For more information on this project visit the Shoreline Trail Boardwalk Replacement Project

Shoreline Trail multi-use path between Murray Street and Old Orchard Park - Now open

The Shoreline Trail multi-use pathway between Murray Street and Old Orchard Park is now open for pedestrian and cyclist use as of December 21, 2023. The previously established detour has been removed. Please expect an uneven surface on sections of the trail, until final paving is completed in early 2024. At that time, the trail will be intermittently closed between Murray Street and Old Orchard Park. In addition, installations of benches and signage, as well as pavement markings, will also be completed. For more information on this project visit the Shoreline Trail Sanitary Sewer Upgrades Project.

Inlet Park Redevelopment - Phase 2
The Inlet Park Redevelopment, set for completion in spring 2024, will introduce new sports fields and play areas to Port Moody. It's focused on upgrading the park to better serve the community's needs. Information on this project can be found at
Location: 3024 Murray Street
Hours of work: 7am-3pm
Impact to you: Minor disruptions due to the delivery of materials for the construction project.
Facility construction
Westhill Childcare Facility and Pool Upgrades
The top floor of the Westhill pool building will be transformed into a childcare facility and a new outdoor playground added for childcare use. Additionally, work will be undertaken to enhance public access to the pool area and to update the pool’s disinfection system.
Location: 203 Westhill Place
Timeframe: February to August 2024
Impact to you: The public washrooms will be closed until March 31, 2024; however, a portable toilet is available. Nearby fields, trails, and lacrosse box will remain open and the pool and building lower floor will reopen April 1, 2024.
2016 St. George - Anchor

Developer: Bold Properties Ltd 
Impact to you: There will be a temporary disruption roadway traffic. 

121 Albert - The hue

Developer: Marcon Projects
Location: Clarke Road and Albert Street
Impact to you: Periodic closures of the eastbound curb lane on Clarke Road for truck access to the site and periodic closures of the southbound curb lane on Albert Street to facilitate deliveries and staging are expected to cause traffic disruptions.

3229 St. Johns Street - The Clyde 

Developer: Porte Development Corp
Construction Manager: Trillium Projects Ltd
Impact to you: Due to traffic signal construction there will be some minor traffic disruption. 

3075 Murray St. - Moody Yards
Developer: MOSAIC Homes
Impact to you: Eastbound and westbound travel lanes will remain open and shift using north or south half of Murray Street depending on the scheduled work.
111 Buller Street - Forte Living 
Developer: Chroma 
Impact to you: Construction staging on Buller Street for dump trucks. Traffic delays are expected but are required to accommodate school drop off and pickup. Street parking restriction will be in effect to accommodate the work area.  
Cecile Drive - Portwood
Developer: Edgar - Axiom Builders - Portwood
Work: Multi-family Construction - Excavation - Phases 1,2,3
Location: Phase 1 - 296 Angela Drive, Phase 2 - 1209 Cecile Drive and Phase 3 - 1218 Cecile Drive  
Impact to you: Parking restrictions on Angela Drive's north curb will accommodate construction vehicles, causing traffic disruptions and delays. Pedestrians will be redirected to the south sidewalk, and traffic control personnel will assist motorists, cyclists, and pedestrians.
150 James Road - Sitka House
Developer: Laidler Group – Dulex Enterprises – Sitka House
Impact to you: Parking will be prohibited along the west curb lane to allow for truck staging, leading to single lane traffic and possible delays for school drop-off/pickup. Traffic control personnel will be present to aid motorists, cyclists, and pedestrians.
St. George Street - Bold Properties LP
Developer: Bold Properties LP.
Impact to you: Due to the construction of a multi-family construction, street parking on St George Street will be limited for a site trailer, first aid station, and materials. Residents will have access as much as possible.
Murray Street and Guildford Drive - Bold Properties LP
Location 1: Murray Street between Klahanie Drive W and Capilano Road
Location 2: Guildford Drive between cul de sac and Balmoral Drive
Impact to you: Murray Street traffic will merge into one lane through the work area. Traffic and bus delays are expected. Guildford Drive will have street parking restrictions to accommodate the work area. Minimal disruptions expected. Each borehole testing will take approximately 20mins before relocating to the next borehole location.