Starting late spring of 2024, the City will introduce pay parking to five areas:

  • Rocky Point Park parking lots
  • Esplanade Avenue from Rocky Point Park to Murray Street
  • Murray Street from Columbia Street to Williams Street (not including the Rocky Point Park Off-Leash Dog Park parking lot)
  • Commercial parking on Morrisey Street and Suter Brook Way
  • Ungless Way from Noons Creek Drive to Guildford Way

Shaped by two decades of Council discussions, the idea gained momentum at the Strategic Priorities Standing Committee meeting on May 16, 2023, where a one-year trial of pay parking at four locations was proposed. Although the initial motion wasn't passed, Council asked for more information on potential locations and costs to move the project forward.

In October 2023, Council approved staff’s proposal to introduce permanent pay parking at five locations. Staff are in the process of identifying a vendor to provide the pay parking system, with plans to present these findings to Council in April 2024.


At this time, the primary reason for implementing paid parking is to regulate parking space usage, though it may eventually form a source of revenue to support city services. Introducing pay parking at these locations is intended to make parking easier for everyone through better managed turnover of parking spaces. The goal is to have a parking system that leads to more available parking spots for incoming users, using a pricing model that will recuperate the city's investment and ongoing costs.

As a secondary benefit, pay parking can also provide encouragement for the public to walk or use alternate forms of transportation, helping to reduce traffic and emissions. 

Implementation timeline

The milestones and timing for implementation are anticipated as follows:

 complete - November to February 2024

  •  request for proposals (RFP) posted for a pay parking system

 In progress -  March to April 2024

  • report results of RFP and implementation plan to Council

 Upcoming - May to June 2024 

  • work with vendor to develop pay parking system design
  • Develop a Pay Parking Policy and monitoring program
  • Construction
  • Staff training
  • Start of pay parking

Future updates on pay parking: stay informed here

As we finalize these details, we'll ensure you're well-informed about both the pricing and how the system works. We recognize that introducing pay parking is a change for our community and want to provide as smooth and transparent a transition as possible. For the latest news and updates on the pay parking system, we encourage you to frequently visit this web page.