Fire Danger Rating - Low

Many Port Moody residents live in areas of the city that border greenbelts, parks, and forested land. This means the possibility of a fire starting is always present, especially during the hot summer months.

Here are some general tips to help minimize the potential of a fire starting or spreading.



Fire Chief Ron Coulson


Fire Chief Ron Coulson

Spring has Sprung!  Let's be Fire Safe these warmer months.

It’s easy to associate at-home fire safety with the colder months by the use of space heaters, fireplaces, candles, and tangled strings of holiday lights. 

But, just because we’re less inclined to turn the heat on doesn’t mean we shouldn’t still be vigilant when it comes to protecting ourselves and our property from fire hazards.

As you transition from sweaters to shorts, ovens to grills, and those backyard barbecues are popping up, keep an eye on your Fire Safety this spring!

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