Fire Danger Rating - Low

Many Port Moody residents live in areas of
the city that border greenbelts, parks, and
forested land. This means the possibility of
a fire starting is always present, especially
during the hot summer months.

Here are some general tips to help minimize
the potential of a fire starting or spreading.



Fire Chief Darcey O'Riordan


Fire Chief Darcey O'Riordan

The arrival of summer means more opportunities to enjoy outdoor fun with family and friends.  

By knowing and practicing summer fire safety tips, you can enjoy many wonderful times in the great outdoors filled with laughter, happiness and safety.

Please be reminded that all open fires, including fire pits and campfires, are banned in the City of Port Moody.  Also, please stay off our mudflats - ff you walk on the mudflats at Burrard Inlet, you’re risking more than just getting muddy—you’re risking your life.

As the summer winds down and you transition from shorts to sweaters and the back yard bbq's slow down, just remember to keep an eye on your Fire Safety now and all year long.  

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