We require a Highway Use Permit if you're performing an action that may disrupt the normal flow of pedestrian or vehicle movement, or interferes with City parking, sidewalks, or bike path access. Regardless of the duration of your disruption, you must apply for the permit. A permit is required for any asphalt or concrete utility cuts as well.

How to apply

Please complete a Highway Use Permit Application 10 working days before your intended start date.

Paper and PDF applications are no longer accepted.

Pay Highway Use Permit

Highway Use Permit types

First, you must determine which type of Highway Use Permit you need.

Major projects

Major projects include:

  • capital projects
  • development
  • 3rd party utility 
  • construction related bins
  • street parking restrictions

Minor requests

Minor requests include:

  • moving trucks
  • storage containers

Minor requests require a basic sketch or plan of the site location.

Community events

Community event uses include:

  • event parking
  • street-based events
  • marathons
  • parades

Movie productions

Movie production uses include:

  • parking
  • road closures


Miscellaneous uses include:

  • slow moving vehicles (eg. zoom boom)
  • oversize loads
  • overweight loads

Application requirements

Permit application requirements can changes depending on the type of your application. You must submit your completed application 10 working days before your intended start date. View our Fees Bylaw to see the current fees.

The following may be required as part of your application:

Prime Contractor Designation

You must attach a copy of a Prime Contractor Designation letter, or if you're the property owner, you must complete the applicant acknowledgement section of the application.

Prime Contractors must comply with the BC Manual for Traffic Control for Work on Roadways, as well as the Workers Compensation Act, and Occupational Health & Safety Regulations at all times.

Certificate of Insurance

We require you to provide us with proof liability insurance (minimum $3 million) before approval. You must name the City of Port Moody as co-insured and the policy must include a 30-day cancellation notice.

Traffic Management Plan

Major Projects, Community Events and Movie Productions also require a Traffic Management Plan, consultation with Coast Mountain Bus Company, and public notification of any upcoming closure or disruption.

Damage Deposit

A refundable damage deposit may be required for utility cuts or in case of potential accidental damage to nearby infrastructure and utilities. Their typical minimum value is $1000.