Picnic Shelters and PCT Stage

Rocky Point picnic shelter

At Rocky Point Park, you can book a picnic shelter or rent the PCT Stage. The pier, the gazebo at the entrance to the pier, and the boardwalks around the park are public access areas and not available for private use. Wedding ceremonies are limited to the PCT stage area.

Rocky Point Park picnic shelter rates
Group sizeSpaceTimesWeekdaysWeekends


Side A or B

10am-2:30pm or






Entire picnic shelter


10am-2:30pm or





Entire picnic shelter


10am-2:30pm or




Full day rentals are also available. Please note that fees do not include taxes. 

Please note: there may be a festival or special event taking place at the park during picnic shelter rentals.

Old Orchard picnic shelter

Due to a planned construction project Shoreline Trail Sanitary Sewer Upgrades Project, the Old Orchard Picnic Shelter is currently not available for rental and may not be available in 2023. Anticipated impacts are described below in 'Important Information.'

If you are interested in booking the picnic shelter at Old Orchard Park if rentals become available, please email us at
facilitybooking@portmoody.ca. You can find availability for the Rocky Point Picnic Shelter here.

Important Information:

The City is planning a major construction project behind Old Orchard Hall from May 2022 to October 2023. Please read about the anticipated impacts below.

Although the shelter itself will not be impacted, the surrounding area will be, including:

  • The parking lot adjacent to the main lot of Old Orchard Hall will be closed off for construction staging.
  • The main parking lot will be accessed by large construction trucks periodically so traffic control personnel and traffic control signage will be in place.
  • The surrounding area will be under construction with large equipment as well as stock piles of materials.
  • There also may be some odour detected around the area.
  • You can also expect construction noise in the area.

PCT Stage Rentals

You can rent the PCT Stage for small private functions, like weddings, for two hours (excluding special events). You can bring up to 10 chairs to place next to the stage if you have any guests who need them. 

PCT Stage fees



Please note that fees do not include taxes.


General park areas

If your group is larger than 50 people, you must apply to book general park areas in either Old Orchard or Rocky Point Park. Permission does not guarantee you exclusive use of a specific space in the general park area.

School groups

If your school group is attending Old Orchard or Rocky Point Park with over 50 students, you must apply to book general park areas. Permission does not guarantee you exclusive use of a specific space in the general park area.