In the City of Port Moody, your utility bill covers water and sewer services, along with recycling, green waste, glass and garbage collection. Utility rates are set annually and reflect the fees needed to cover the cost of delivering these essential utility services. Read our Utility Newsletter, or review our Fees Bylaw for current utility rates.

If you would like to share your thoughts with us on anything related to utility billing, please fill out our feedback form. All submissions will be shared with City staff and Council.

Pay your utility bill

The 2022 Utility bill was due Monday, February 28, 2022. 

Outstanding amounts after February 28th are subject to a 5% penalty.

A second 5% penalty will be applied to outstanding amounts after March 31, 2022. 

We must receive your utility bill payment by the last business day in February. You can pay your bill using one of the following options.

Online payment

Pay your utility bill online with:

  • Mastercard
  • Visa
  • American Express

In order to pay online, you will need to enter your account number. This is located at the top of your utility bill.

Telephone or internet banking

Most major banks and financial institutions in Canada allow for electronic payments. To pay your utility bill through telephone or internet banking, you will need to:

  • call your bank or login to your online banking
  • search for Port Moody as the payee, select the Utility option
  • enter your 5 digit account number from your utility bill

Make sure to allow time for your bank to process the payment. If you try to pay on the due date and your payment doesn't go through on the same day, the payment will be subject to late penalties.

By mail

Make your cheque payable to the City of Port moody and mail it to:

City of Port Moody
100 Newport Dr.
Port Moody, B.C. V3H 5C3

Make sure to send your payment well in advance. Postmarks are not accepted as date of payment, we must receive your payment by the due date. Mail that is lost or delayed will be subject to late penalties.

At your bank

You can pay your utility bill wherever you do your banking. Bring your bill into your bank and speak with a teller in order to pay.

24 hour drop box

You can drop off your payment outside of our regular hours. Place your payment in the “Finance” drop box located at the back of City Hall. 

If paying on the due date, please make sure you drop off your payment by 11:59pm on February 28th. City staff will be emptying the drop box at midnight. 

In person service

Please note, due to the COVID-19 pandemic in-person service may not be available, or subject to modified hours. Visit for the most up-to-date information.

Late fees

A 5% penalty is applied to outstanding amounts after Monday, February 28, 2022. 

An additional 5% penalty is applied to outstanding amounts after Wednesday, March 31, 2022. 

Accessing your utility bill

View your utility bill online through myPortMoody. You will need to register for an account. We will send you your utility bill in the mail by the end of January, each year.

Didn't receive your bill? If you don't receive a bill in the mail, please contact us at 604-469-4503 and we can send you a new copy. All due dates and late penalties still apply.

New rate structure based on housing type

In previous years, all residents paid the same flat rate for water and sewer services regardless of housing type. Starting in 2022, rates are now determined using a tiered structure, with different rates depending on the type of housing you live in. This change was introduced by City Council with the goal of distributing costs in a more equitable way.

The tiered structure means some residents will pay less and some will pay more, depending on housing type. Although the number of people per household can vary, changes to rates were determined based on the estimated average number of occupants for each housing type. See the rates for each housing type in the tables below under Water and sewer rates by housing type.

Council has also created a new, discounted classification for not-for-profit organizations (previously limited to churches) operating in Port Moody and set water and sewer rates for housing run by non-governmental organizations to be in the lowest tier (along with secondary suites and laneway homes).

Do you have a question about the new, tiered rate structure for water and sewer services? See our frequently asked questions (FAQs).

Water and sewer rates by housing type

Check the tables below for 2022 water and sewer rates by housing type. 

2022 Water and Sewer Rates2022 Sewer Rate2022 Water Rate2022 Water and
Sewer Total
 Single-Family  $422  $594 $1,016
 Townhouse $398  $557  $955 
 Condo $267  $373  $640 
 Secondary Suites $203  $284  $487 
 Laneway House $203  $284  $487 
 Not-For-Profit Housing $203  $284  $487 
 Office $455  $594  $1,049
 Restaurant $781  $1,275  $2,056
 Service Stations (Garage) $781  $1,275  $2,056
 Not-For-Profit (non-housing) $455  $320 $775
 Unclassified $455  $594 $1,049

Not-For-Profit Organizations

If you are a Not-For-Profit Organization and would like to be considered for either of the subsidized rates, please fill out and submit the Declaration for review. If approved, rates are pro-rated to the application submission date. 

Total utility rates by housing type

Check the tables below for a year-to-year comparison of total utility rates (water and sewer services plus collection services for recycling, green waste, glass, and garbage) by housing type.

 Single Family Dwelling
City Services  2022 Cost 2021 Cost 2020 Cost 2019 Cost 2018 Cost
Water, Sewer, Garbage, Green Waste, Recycling 1,435 1,243 1,207 1,170 1,124
City Services 

2022 Cost

2021 Cost

2020 Cost 2019 Cost 2018 Cost
Water, Sewer, Garbage, Green Waste, Recycling 1,253  1,124 1,090 1,050 1,024
 Condo/Apartment (with full collection services)
City Services  2022 Cost 2021 Cost 2020 Cost 2019 Cost 2018 Cost
Water, Sewer, Garbage, Green Waste, Recycling 844 1,033  1,001 961 947
 Condo/Apartment (with water and sewer only)
City Services  2022 Cost 2021 Cost 2020 Cost 2019 Cost 2018 Cost
Water, Sewer 640 834  806 764 764

Change your address

We need your current address in order to mail a utility notice to you. Mailing address changes must be done through the BC Assessment Authority.