The City of Port Moody's Bylaw Division enforces our bylaws. We work with the Port Moody Police Department, Port Moody Fire Rescue, health agencies, and property owners to keep our community safe.

Disputing or paying a municipal ticket

To dispute a municipal ticket, complete and submit a Quash Request form.

You can pay a municipal ticket by mail or in person:

8:30am - 5pm Monday-Friday (closed on statutory holidays)
City Hall 2nd Floor - 100 Newport Dr
Port Moody BC  V3H 3E1

Or you can pay online:

Pay a municipal ticket

Bylaw Complaints

If you'd like us to investigate a bylaw infraction issue, you can submit a bylaw complaint online

File a bylaw complaint

Animal Control

If you'd like to report a lost or found dog, or a dog at large sighting, please email us or call Bylaws at 604-469-4697. Additionally, reports of lost or found animals may by made to the Coquitlam Animal Shelter at 604-927-7387.

If you've been bitten, or if you have contained a stray dog after our regular service hours (7am to 5pm), call the Port Moody Police Department at 604-461-3456.

Dog licences are required for all dogs residing in Port Moody. Apply for a dog licence.

Good Neighbour Guidelines 

Our Good Neighbour Guidelines provide a summary of common sense practices to encourage thoughtful planning and considerate behaviour in the community.