2022 -2026 Mayor and Council

Standing from left to right: Councillor Kyla Knowles, Councillor Haven Lurbiecki, Councillor Callan Morrison, Councillor Samantha Agtarap. Seated from left to right: Councillor Amy Lubik, Mayor Meghan Lahti, Councillor Diana Dilworth

Council is responsible for governing the City of Port Moody. This includes setting annual budgets, managing the City's finances, planning for future projects and development, allocating resources, and establishing and overseeing community committees

Council meetings

Port Moody's Council meets twice a month on Tuesday evening. View our council meeting calendar for upcoming council meeting dates and links to our livestream. You can also find agendas and minutes for all of our meetings.

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At the beginning of each meeting, there is an Art at Council presentation. This presentation features artwork by local artists and helps promote art and culture in our community. If you would like to display your art, please sign up with our Art at Council program prior to the meeting.

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Review Council's 2023-2026 Strategic Plan, which outlines the goals and vision for the council during their term in office.

Meet our Council

Council is elected every four years and consists of a mayor and six councillors.

Mayor Meghan Lahti

One of the longest serving council members in Port Moody history, Meghan was
first elected to council in 1996. Residents for over 30 years, Meghan and herMayor Meghan Lahtihusband raised their three children in Port Moody.

In addition to serving her community as a City councillor, Meghan has been a
community volunteer through Girl Guides, Port Moody Soccer, Port Moody Lacrosse, Share Food Bank, Rotary, and more.  She has numerous interests and accomplishments, including world travel, dog sports, golf, hiking and cycling.

In her professional career, Meghan spent almost 20 years working as an educator, college director, and provincial director for a large private post-secondary institution. During that time, she developed her skills as a regional manager overseeing several business entities and was responsible for hundreds of employees along with several multimillion dollar budgets. Meghan is also the owner and operator of a small business.

Meghan has led many city initiatives that she is very proud of and has represented the City of Port Moody regionally, federally, and internationally with distinction. She was honoured to represent the community in receiving the International Livable Communities Award for “Planning for the Future,” and on a personal level, she was the recipient of the national environmental Clements Award in 2019 in the category of “Most Outstanding Canadian Politician.”

You can contact Mayor Lahti here or call 604-469-4515.

Mayor Lahti will be holding Open-Door Meetings on the following dates/times for 2024:

  • February 14, 10am-2pm

  • February 21, 10am-12pm

  • February 28, 10am-2pm

  • March 13, 10am-2pm

  • March 20, 10am-2pm

  • March 27, 9-11am and 2-3pm

  • April 18, 10am-2pm

  • May 2, 10am-2pm

  • May 23, 10am-2pm (CANCELLED)

  • July 18, 12pm-2pm

  • September 11, 10am-2pm

  • September 25, 10am-2pm

  • October 23, 10am-2pm

  • October 30, 10am-2pm

  • November 13, 10am-2pm

  • November 20, 10am-2pm

  • November 27, 10am-2pm

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Councillor Samantha Agtarap

Councillor AgtarapSamantha is a practicing engineer and Port Moody small business owner. She has over 15 years of experience working with clients to translate complex technical information into reports and plans for a broad range of audiences. Her consulting work spans a breadth of experience; Samantha has worked with Indigenous communities, local and provincial governments, and public and private organizations on climate action planning (mitigation and adaptation), developing strategies to advance sustainability objectives including energy efficiency and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, along with other consultation and planning projects.

Samantha is a past committee member of the Climate Action and Economic Development committees, and has been a board member of Shop Local Port Moody for over five years.

Samantha has lived in Port Moody since 2005 with her husband, and together they are raising two children here, along with two cats. In 2013, the family opened a business in Moody Centre. In her spare time, you can find Samantha on the trails, either walking or biking with her family, at her gym, enjoying Port Moody’s local businesses, or gardening on her balcony. She also dabbles in knitting and writing occasionally.

You can contact Councillor Agtarap here or call 604-469-4586. 

Councillor Diana Dilworth

Councillor Diana DilworthDiana was first elected to City Council in 1999 and she is currently serving her sixth term as a City councillor. Diana's 30-year business career includes working for the federal government, for small private business, and as a home-based business owner with her own consultancy company.

Her 20+ years of community service includes participating with, and providing leadership for, a diverse number of non-profit organizations. This includes the Terry Fox Run, Golden Spike Days, District 43 Parent Advisory Council, Girl Guides, and the Port Moody Aquarians. Together with two friends, she has founded a non-profit organization that promotes and fundraises for community development and awareness of non-profit services within the Tri-Cities.

Diana is a graduate of Capilano University's certificate program in Local Government Administration, and she has spent the last 10 years pursuing a degree in Business Administration in her spare time.

She has lived in Port Moody for over 25 years, has two adult children, and is head over heels in love with her grand-puppy Nala, a blue Staffordshire pitbull terrier.

As a councillor, Diana is proud to have championed many initiatives, including the establishment of the annual Business Excellence Awards for local small businesses (now known as the Spike Business Awards), the building of a free-standing hospice within the community, the development of a community sustainability plan, and the creation of a local Sports Hall of Fame for Port Moody, and the development of a strategic tourism plan for the City.

You can contact Councillor Dilworth here or call 604-469-4516. 

Councillor Kyla Knowles

Councillor Kyla KnowlesKyla was raised in Kitimat, BC before moving south to attend SFU in 1994, from which she graduated with a joint major and co-operative education degree in Political Science, History, and French in 1999. It was during her time living at residence in SFU that she discovered Port Moody and has fond memories of those years hanging out at White Pine Beach, Buntzen Lake, Eagle Ridge Theatre, the Steel Monkey, and of course wing nights at the old Golden Spike Pub. After graduating from SFU, Kyla worked in corporate finance for a number of private, publicly-traded, and going-public businesses for 13 years. She had her daughters in 2012 and 2014, then changed careers to focus on executive-level management and board governance in 2015. Since then, she has worked for an economic think tank and non-profit, the City of Coquitlam and, since 2019, a large civil construction company based in Burnaby.

Kyla realized her long-time goal to live in Port Moody in 2013. Since that time, she has been an active volunteer for local groups including the Glenayre Parent Advisory Council, the College Park Community Association, the Port Moody Foundation, Golden Spike Days, the Rotary Club of Port Moody, Easthill Strata, and more. She is a current member of the City’s Parks and Recreation Commission.

Kyla is an active advocate for animal rescue and adoption and founded a Tri-Cities-based Facebook group in 2015 that focuses on the support and encouragement of plant-based eating. She cares deeply about climate change initiatives and resiliency, and loves to golf and travel with her daughters when she can spare the time.

You can contact Councillor Knowles here or call 604-469-4518.


Councillor Amy Lubik

Councillor Amy Lubik

As a second term City councilor, Amy’s passion is to integrate the social determinants of health, such as poverty reduction, social connectedness, environmental sustainability, accessibility, and anti-racism, into city policies, planning, and programs. Amy has championed climate action, helping with the declaration of a climate emergency with ambitious targets and clear actions. She has worked to make sure an equity and health lens is included in this work, as those who are already experiencing marginalization will be most impacted in our increasingly hot summers and colder, wetter winters. She has also chaired the Healthy Communities Partnership, through which she helped found the Tri-Cities Food Council and the Tri-Cities Food Security Action Plan. Amy has also worked to find housing solutions, including rental protections, minimum affordable housing percentages, and supporting the Tri-Cities Homelessness and Housing Task Force. 

Amy holds a PhD in cancer research, has worked for the BC Centre for Disease Control on environmental health, and currently supports Fraser Health Authority as a Policy Analyst focusing on health equity, healthy environments, and climate change. She is a nationally recognized leader in her field. 

Amy grew up near the Port Moody-Coquitlam border and spent much of her youth on and in the waters of Burrard Inlet. This closeness to nature instilled a need to protect the habitats that sustain us. Port Moody is also where Amy discovered her love of baking at her first job as a baker in a family-owned deli; she still uses those recipes today. 

As an avid reader, Amy is a huge fan of the Port Moody Library. She also spends as much of her time as possible running and hiking our shores and mountains. 

You can contact Councillor Lubik here or call 604-469-4584.

Councillor Haven Lurbiecki

Councillor Haven LurbieckiHaven is a long-time resident of Port Moody who was first elected to City Council in 2022. Prior to running, Haven served as a volunteer on City committees for several years including the Land Use Committee from 2021 to 2022. As a member of the Port Moody Parks and Recreation Commission from 2019 to 2022, she was the lead author on two key reports endorsed by Council serving to guide Port Moody’s planning for parkland acquisition and becoming a more dog-friendly community.

In addition to her role on Council, Haven also works as a senior policy analyst at the First Nations Health Authority. She holds a Master’s degree in Resource and Environmental Management from Dalhousie University and a Bachelor of Science degree from Simon Fraser University. Haven lives in Newport Village with her partner, two wonderful step-kids, and her spunky dog Ace. She enjoys the outdoors and escaping into the wilderness from time to time.

You can contact Councillor Lurbiecki here or call 604-469-4585.

Councillor Callan Morrison

Councillor Callan MorrisonCallan grew up in Moody Centre, attending both Moody Middle and Port Moody Secondary schools, before buying a home in beautiful Newport Village. This is Callan’s first term on council after volunteering on six different civic committees over the past eight years.

Callan is a proud 23-year Port Moody resident as well as a local volunteer and small business owner in the Tri-Cities. Callan graduated from SFU in 2010 with a BA in Political Science and a Minor in Communications. During university, Callan began working in the automotive finance industry and as a finance manager developed a vast knowledge in finance, customer service, and working as a team.

Callan’s connection with Port Moody runs deep as he met his wife at Golden Spike Days in 2006 when they were still teenagers. In 2017, they showcased their small business at Port Moody’s first Car-Free Day, and just over a year later they opened a retail store in the Tri-Cities. As a business owner, Callan understands the importance of small businesses in creating a vibrant community, generating employment opportunities, and contributing to our local events and charities. Through his business, Callan actively supports many local charities and sporting associations such as Looking Glass Foundation, Pink Shirt Day, Access Youth Outreach Services, Crossroads Hospice Society, Share Family Services, Eagle Ridge Hospital Foundation, and Port Moody Lacrosse Association.  

Callan believes in giving back to the community and has been a proud Port Moody Lacrosse coach for the past seven years. He has also volunteered with RibFest, Golden Spike Days, and BC Children’s Hospital Foundation. Callan is excited for the opportunity to help guide the future of our amazing city.

You can contact Councillor Morrison here or call 604-469-4517.


Contact Council

Mayor and Council (contact all) 604-469-4501 
Mayor Meghan Lahti  604-469-4515
Councillor Samantha Agtarap 604-469-4586
Councillor Diana Dilworth 604-469-4516
Councillor Kyla Knowles 604-469-4518
Councillor Amy Lubik 604-469-4584
Councillor Haven Lurbiecki 604-469-4585
Councillor Callan Morrison 604-469-4517

Council wants to hear from you 

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Responsibilities of Council

The primary role of the Mayor and City Council is to ensure the smooth running of the city. 

Council's responsibility is to:

  • consider the interests and well-being of the public and the City
  • establish and update the goals and policies of the City
  • determine which services the City provides
  • ensure that the City's operations are transparent
  • ensure long range financial stability
  • plan for the future needs of the City
  • ensure that the community is aware of the City's goals, performance and achievements
  • select the City Manager, define their duties and responsibilities and evaluate performance

The Mayor is responsible for:

  • providing leadership and guidance to Port Moody residents and businesses
  • providing leadership to Council and chairing Council meetings
  • speaking on behalf of the City of Port Moody
  • providing, through the City Manager, general direction to City staff about carrying out policies, programs, and other directions of Council

2024 Acting Mayor schedule

Date1st Acting Mayor2nd Acting Mayor3rd Acting Mayor
January 2024 Cllr Dilworth Cllr Lurbiecki Cllr Morrison
February 2024 Cllr Lurbiecki Cllr Lubik Cllr Morrison
March 2024 Cllr Lurbiecki Cllr Lubik Cllr Dilworth
April 2024 Cllr Lubik Cllr Lurbiecki Cllr Dilworth
May 2024 Cllr Lubik Cllr Dilworth Cllr Knowles
June 2024 Cllr Morrison  Cllr Dilworth Cllr Knowles
July 2024 Cllr Morrison  Cllr Agtarap Cllr Lubik
August 2024 Cllr Dilworth Cllr Agtarap Cllr Lubik
September 2024 Cllr Agtarap Cllr Knowles Cllr Lurbiecki
October 2024 Cllr Agtarap Cllr Knowles Cllr Lurbiecki
November 2024 Cllr Knowles  Cllr Morrison  Cllr Agtarap
December 2024 Cllr Knowles Cllr Morrison  Cllr Agtarap

Financial disclosure statements

Elected local government officials must complete a statement of disclosure form under the Financial Disclosure Act. View the 2023 statements of disclosure for Port Moody's Mayor and Council.