Every year, from April to November, colourful painted and printed banners are displayed on the streets of Port Moody.  The StreetArts Banner Program is comprised of three components - community, student and artist designed banners.

Community banners

A Call for Designs is posted annually for the Community Banners. Thirty community designs and fifteen duplicate designs are chosen to be painted the following January. Each banner takes four to six hours to paint. All forty-five community banners are painted in one weekend at the Community Banner Painting Sessions. The program is suitable for adults and children age six years and older. Younger children (ages 6 to 10 years) may require adult assistance in order to complete painting a banner.

Submit your TREES themed banner design for Port Moody’s 2020 community painting sessions. Let nature inspire you! Check out the Call for Design brochure for all the details.

TREES Design Prompts:

  • real trees or fictional trees
  • single tree or groups of trees
  • new trees or ancient trees
  • family tree
  • tree of life
  • wishing tree
  • trails and paths through trees
  • consider using different artistic styles when designing your tree banner: figurative art, abstract style, impressionism, modernism, cubism, expressionism, surrealism, etc.
  • consider using the whole colour spectrum when designing your tree banner, more than the traditional brown and green tree

Student banners

Local high school students design and paint banners based on the chosen theme.

Artist banners

Every 2 years an artist is commissioned to design a printed street banner. The first step in this process involves posting a Call for Qualifications. A selection jury reviews the artists' qualifications and shortlists up to 3 artists. The shortlisted artists present their design concepts to the selection jury and the final artist and design is selected at this time. The final design is printed and displayed from spring to fall for a 2 year period.

Interested in participating?

If you are interested in being contacted about future community painted and artist designed banner opportunities, or to volunteer as a painter, please contact the Public Art and Banner Program Coordinator at 604.469.4605. 
To volunteer as a painter for the 2020 Community Banner Painting Sessions, please register here.