Every year, from April to November, colourful painted and printed banners are displayed on the streets of Port Moody. The StreetArts Banner Program is comprised of community, student and artist designed banners.

The design theme for the 2023 banners was "Renewal & Rejuvenation". 2022 was a time of recovery and renewal, post-COVID. In our city we saw the resilience of our community and the excitement of restoring our daily social activities. We discovered collectively, through the pandemic, the importance of family, friendship, community and support. Let's celebrate being able to come together again to enjoy the activities we do with our family, friends and community. The 2023 banner designs can be seen in the accordion tabs below.

Community banners

Thirty community designs and fifteen duplicate designs are chosen to be painted each year that the community banner program is run. Sign up in the form below if you would like to be alerted for the next call for community designs.

Check out the 2023 "Renewal & Rejuvenation" themed Community banners here.

Student banners

High school students from Heritage Woods Secondary School and Port Moody Secondary School design and paint banners based on the current banner theme. In 2023 Port Moody Secondary School created these banners.

Check out the 2023 "Renewal & Rejuvenation" themed banners from Port Moody Secondary School students here.

Artist designed banners

Every 2 years an artist is commissioned to design a printed street banner. The first step in this process involves posting a Call for Qualifications. A selection jury reviews the artists' qualifications and shortlists up to 3 artists. The shortlisted artists present their design concepts to the selection jury and the final artist and design is selected at this time. The final design is printed and displayed from spring to fall for a 2 year period.

Check out the 2022 banners designed by Resident Staff Artist, Sara Graham here.

Interested in participating?

If you are interested in being contacted about future community banner design opportunities, or to volunteer as a painter, please complete the StreetArts Community Banner Painting Sign Up form. The next time we are running the StreetArts Community Banner Painting program we will email you.

Please note that we will not be running the community portion of the program in 2023/2024, but hope to be able to offer it again for 2024/2025. If you have any questions please contact the Community Arts Coordinator or the Manager of Cultural Services.