The City hosts a variety signature events each year including Holiday Cheer at the Pier, Community Fair, and Canada Day. We believe that festivals and events are important cultural attractions that improve the economy of Port Moody and the lifestyle of our residents.

Look at our events calendar to learn about upcoming events in Port Moody.

Host an event in Port Moody

If you are interested in hosting a festival or special event or block party, we can help you get started!

Sustainable events policy

Review our sustainable events policy to learn about the ways we are balancing environmental sustainability with the promotion of community events and festivals. All event organizers must follow these policy guidelines to ensure that events promote recycling and waste management to protect our community and surrounding environment.

Fund your event

One way that we promote festivals and events in the City, is by providing a variety of different funding opportunities for event organizers. Review our special event funding programs to learn more.