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The City is excited to provide a variety of virtual recreation options for passing the time while you stay at home.  Get Moving with daily live streaming fitness classes on our Facebook page and Instagram account as well as weekly exercise videos posted below. Keep the kids active and entertained with live streaming classes three times a week plus a variety of weekly activity videos.  Be sure to like us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram so you don't miss a thing! 

Schedule of Live Streaming Activities


9:15- 10:00


Body sculpt  


Core & Mobility


Forever Fit


Boot Camp


Fitness Mix-up  



Youth Yoga

(Instagram Only)  


Body sculpt is an all levels class is devoted to muscular strength and endurance with the optional use of free weights.

Core & Mobility is an all levels class focusing on movements to gradually increase your range of motion while contracting your core.

Forever Fit is light to moderate exercises to help improve posture, movement and performance related to daily activities.

Boot Camp is moderate to advanced, focusing on muscular endurance, with cardio intervals meant to increase your heart rate.

Fitness Mix-up is light to moderate, offering a combination of low impact, balance, strength and conditioning components.

Youth Yoga - this class will introduce yoga poses, breathing exercises and relaxation techniques.  

Kids Videos

Check our entire YouTube playist of videos for kids. From sports and dance, from crafts to singing, from safety to science, there's sure to be something here to entertain the kids.

Get moving with our fitness instructors*

No need for fancy equipment! Whether you have a band, bench, or just your body, you're ready to get started. Check out our YouTube playlist of workouts including yoga, spin, and cardio. 

*Before participating in these workouts, we encourage you to fill out this online physical activity readiness questionnaire. Please complete this form at least once a year to ensure you're prepared for physical activity, and please modify any of these online exercise routines to meet your own personal fitness levels. Drink lots of water, have fun, and stay safe.