The City of Port Moody has a wealth of park space for you to enjoy. Explore the mountainside forests, hike the trails and paths, or relax at the Healing Garden. Learn how to book and use park space and shelters for your next event or family gathering.

Rocky Point Park

Visit Rocky Point Park and explore all of what Port Moody's best-known park has to offer.

Off-leash dog parks

Visit one of our off-leash dog parks and make sure to pick up after your dog and dispose of any dog waste properly.

Parks listing

Take a stroll and enjoy some of Port Moody's most beautiful parks with our interactive parks map.

Ailsa Spray Park   spray park

Spray park rules

You must accompany any children, as the park is not supervised. The following items are not permitted:

  • glass
  • pets
  • skateboards, inline skates, bicycles, or scooters
Appleyard Court   playground
There is a small parkette available at Appleyard Court with a children's playground.
Art Wilkinson Park   playground picnic tables tennis courts
Come enjoy the playground, play tennis, or relax at the picnic area in the Art Wilkinson Park at 492 Glencoe Drive.
Aspenwood Park    hiking bike riding

Aspenwood Park at 2001 Panorama Drive, includes sports fields and trails around Aspenwood Elementary School.

Heritage Mountain Community Centre

Heritage Mountain Community Centre is located at Aspenwood Park. It's a popular facility where we have recreation programs and activities for all ages. You can apply to rent the Centre for your next event or corporate meeting.

Bert Flinn Park   hiking bike riding
Bert Flinn Park at David Avenue has many trails available for hikers and mountain bikers. Most trails are unmarked, so use caution when travelling on any unfamiliar trails. The Tri-Cities Off Road Cycling Association has mountain bike trails throughout the park.

Dog walk

There is an off-leash dog walk along the gravel right-of-way that's west of the Heritage Mountain Boulevard and David Avenue roundabout. You must leash your dog on any trail beyond the gravel roadway.


The Park is home to many species of local wildlife including bears, raccoons, coyotes, and barred owls. The wetlands at the north end of the park are home to many pond creatures including red-legged frogs and northwestern salamanders.


A referendum led to the creation of Bert Flinn Park in 1999. You can see evidence of the logging industry that flourished here in the early 1900s. Many of the trails are old logging roadbeds. You can find skidder roads and campsite artifacts in several spots around the park.

Chines Park   hiking
Chines Park runs along the escarpment that's south of Hugh Street and Port Moody's boundary with Coquitlam. The park is mostly undeveloped and crisscrossed with many trails and paths where you can hike.

Off-leash dog area

There is an off-leash dog area available at the south end of Hugh Street. Make sure to leash your dog when leaving the designated area.

Chip Kerr Park   playground

Chip Kerr Park at 2909 Hope Street is between Hugh Street and Williams Street. The Park has a playground available.


The park is named after John Chipman Kerr, who was born in 1887 in Fox River, Nova Scotia. In 1915, Kerr enlisted and served in the Canadian Expeditionary Force's 49th Battalion. During the Battle of the Somme at Courcelette, France, Kerr was instrumental in overpowering an enemy stronghold and capturing 62 prisoners. Years later, during World War II, Kerr re-enlisted in the army, transferred to the Royal Canadian Air Force, and was posted to Sea Island, B.C.

He moved to Port Moody in 1947 and lived in the McLean Residence, built around 1908 and named for one its original owners, Elizabeth A. McLean. Kerr lived in Port Moody until his death in 1963. Mount Kerr in Jasper National Park, Alberta is named after Kerr, as is Chip Kerr Park in Port Moody.

Easthill Park   hiking playground soccer tennis courts spray park basketball

Easthill Park is located at 20 Burrard Crescent, on the corner of Prince Street and Union Street.

Easthill Spray Park

The Easthill Spray Park is open every day, weather permitting, from 10am-8pm, beginning mid-May until September. You can use the push button to turn on the water.

You must accompany any children, as the park is not supervised. The following items are not permitted:

  • glass
  • pets
  • skateboards, inline skates, bicycles, or scooters
Flavelle Park   hiking playground basketball

Flavelle Park is a small playground that's in a forested area on Flavelle Drive

Foxwood Park   hiking playground basketball
Foxwood Park, located at 65 Foxwood Drive, has a small playground in a forested setting next to Hutchinson Creek Park and ravine.
Greenleaf Parkette   basketball picnic tables playground
Greenleaf Parkette at 59 Greenleaf Drive has a playground, basketball court, and picnic area for you to enjoy.
Heritage Mountain Park   hiking playground soccer washroom
Heritage Mountain Park at 125 Ravine Drive has a small tot lot at the top of the hill and a double sports field below. Heritage Mountain Elementary School maintains the larger playground at the rear of the school.


Amenities include:

  • hiking
  • playground
  • soccer field
  • washrooms (available to user groups only; no public access)
Hutchinson Creek Park
Hutchinson Creek Park is currently undeveloped.
Inlet Park   soccer accessible washrooms community garden hiking 

Inlet Park, located at 3000 Murray Street, is the home field for the Port Moody Soccer Association. It has two gravel sports fields available for your next soccer or baseball game. There is also a field house, covered bleachers, washrooms, and access to the Shoreline Trail.

Kyle Park   playground

Kyle Park is a small, shaded park with a playground that's located at 2501 St George Street, near the Kyle Centre.

Moody Middle Playing Field   soccer
Moody Middle Playing Field on James Road includes a soccer field, two baseball diamonds, and a gravel running track.
Mountain Meadows Park   hiking soccer playground
Mountain Meadows Park at 999 Noons Creek Drive surrounds Mountain Meadows Elementary School and has playgrounds and sports fields available for your use.
North Shore Community Park   hiking soccer tennis courts basketball
North Shore Community Park, located at 1300 David Avenue, is a joint City and School District No. 43 facility next to Heritage Woods Secondary School. There is a lit artificial turf field, natural grass sports field, rubber running track, and tennis courts available. There are also trails that connect to Bert Flinn Park.
Old Orchard Park   playground swimming picnic tables washroom wildlife viewing bike riding
Old Orchard Park at 600 Bentley Road is directly across the inlet from Rocky Point Park. You'll find it at the northern end of the Shoreline Trail. Relax and enjoy the quiet park setting, the sandy beach, and picnic shelter area, or play on the adventure playground.

You can also visit Old Orchard Hall, which is a great venue for your next special event or wedding.

Pioneer Memorial Park and Labyrinth Healing Garden   picnic tables community garden
Pioneer Memorial Park, located at 275 Knowle Street, is on the southwest corner of Ioco Road and Heritage Mountain Boulevard. Parking is available to the west of the park at the Recreation Complex. There are picnic tables and benches, a small gazebo, and lighting available at the Park.

Labyrinth Healing Garden

The Crossroads Hospice Labyrinth Healing Garden is at Pioneer Memorial Park between City Hall and Crossroads Inlet Centre Hospice. The Healing Garden brings life and beauty to Pioneer Memorial Park.

Within its 2,916 square feet, the garden features a single paved path, inlaid with 23 basalt stepping-stones and surrounded by more than 600 plants. Inspirational granite boulders, engraved with words like dignity, choice, and compassion, are stationed along the path and enhance the labyrinth experience.

Crossroads Hospice Society

Volunteers, staff, and supporters from the City, Crossroads Hospice Society, and the community, have contributed countless hours to building a garden that combines the beauty of nature with the healing power of labyrinths.

The garden serves as a venue for the Crossroads Hospice Society's grief, bereavement and caregiver support programs. Its proximity to the hospice allows family, friends, and patients to take a break from the stress and anxiety involved in the end-of-life experience.

Visit Crossroads Hospice Society to learn about ways to volunteer and sponsorship opportunities.


Great Trail (Trans Canada Trail)

The Great Trail runs through the park, which connects to City Hall to the west and Newport Village and Coquitlam to the east.


Pioneer Memorial Park was created by a referendum on the November 1999 municipal election ballot as part of the Millennium Bureau of Canada Grant.

The area was the location of single-family homes, and many of the trees were part of residential landscaping. The landscaping has been enhanced with native plants and trees using Naturescape principles.

PoMo Rotary Bike Trials Park   bike riding

The PoMo Rotary Bike Trials Park is located under the Moody Street Overpass at 2800 Moody Street. You can enjoy the park even in wet weather. The Park is a safe place for youth in our community to enjoy healthy activities. We change the bike obstacles frequently.

Please note that helmets are mandatory.


The idea for the park started when we noticed youth riding their bikes on the cement blocks in front of City Hall. After speaking to them, we learned they had been shooed away from various places across the city whenever they practiced their sport. We hired a local teacher who involved youth in our community as part of the design and development the park, which was completed in 2001.

PoMo Rotary SK8 Park    skateboarding bike riding

The PoMo Rotary Sk8 Park at 3098 Murray Street features ramps, rails, stairs, grind edges, and tabletops for skateboarders and BMX bikers.

Please note the use of helmets is mandatory and is enforced by our skateboard helmet bylaw.


The SK8 Park opened in 2002 as the result of a recommendation and input from our Youth Focus Committee.

Rocky Point Park   playground boat launch swimming picnic tables accessible washrooms wildlife viewing spray park sailing water fountain bike riding pier
Visit Rocky Point Park and explore all of what Port Moody's best-known park has to offer.
Seaview Park   playground

 Seaview Park at 1215 Cecile Drive features a playbox and a children's playground.

Sycamore Park   basketball playground
Sycamore Park, located at 145 Sycamore Drive, features a sport court (where you can play basketball and street hockey), a children’s playground, and spectacular panoramic views.
Tidal Park   wildlife viewing hiking
The City of Port Moody acquired stewardship of the tidal flats from the Vancouver Port Authority in 2002. The tidal flats effectively join the shoreline parks together into one large protected area. The environmentally sensitive tidal flats are home to several species of marine creatures, birds, and fish. Several important salmon-bearing streams flow into the tidal flats and the inlet.

Stay off the mudflats!

The mudflats off Rocky Point at the east end of Burrard Inlet are dangerous and unpredictable. They may seem firm but can give way suddenly and can be like quicksand in some areas. 

People and animals can sink, get stuck, and be unable to get out before the tide comes in. If you see someone who is stuck, advise them not to panic. Call 9-1-1 and ask for Fire Rescue.

Town Centre Park   playground tennis courts soccer bike riding hiking

Town Centre Park at 300 Ioco Road has an artificial turf sports field and five tennis courts available for your use. There is also access to the Shoreline Trail system.

Tennis court lights

Please note that the lights at the tennis courts are turned off in the winter season. We turn the lights back on in the spring, based on weather conditions.

Noons Creek Hatchery

You can visit Noons Creek Hatchery at the north end of the park and learn about salmon. At the hatchery, they rear chum and coho salmon that are released each spring into Noons Creek. 

Twin Creeks Park    hiking playground
Twin Creeks Park at 233 Parkside Drive has a small playground with adventure play equipment and a basketball court.
Westhill Park    hiking playground swimming picnic tables

Westhill Park, located at 203 Westhill Place, features a seasonal swimming pool, outdoor exercise equipment, covered lacrosse box, soccer pitch, baseball diamonds, and a playground.