Registered non-profit and service groups may apply to hang a banner from the Moody Street overpass to advertise your events or campaigns.

The banner space rotates on a bi-weekly basis, starting the Monday of the first week and ending on the Sunday of the second week. You may hang a banner twice per year in non-consecutive weeks.

Hanging and removing the banner is the sole responsibility of the applicant. The City will not assume any responsibility for any claims that may arise due to the banner or any part of the banner falling or coming detached from the overpass railing. You are required to provide proof of liability insurance (minimum $3 million) naming the City of Port Moody as co-insured and including a 30-day cancellation notice.

Applications for a banner permit must be submitted a minimum of two weeks prior to the requested booking date.

To apply for a banner permit, complete the Moody Street Overpass – Banner Permit form with the following:

  • Event information
  • Image of the banner that shows all images and text
  • Certificate of Insurance

The City will provide permits based on the following priority order:

  • City functions, events and notices
  • City partner organizations such as Port Moody Arts Centre, Museum, Golden Spike Days etc.
  • Port Moody registered non-profit organizations
  • Tri-City registered non-profit organizations
  • All other registered Canadian non-profit organizations (lower mainland, provincial, federal)

The City has final authority to determine whether any banner complies with City standards. Banners will not be displayed if they contain any material that is inappropriate, offensive, or illegal, including the use of obscene language or anything that could be considered intolerant of a person's race, culture, appearance, gender, sexual orientation, religion, or age.

 Banner requirements
  • Size must not exceed 20ft in length (15-20ft preferred) or 3ft in height
  • Constructed of durable cloth or plastic materials recommend for outdoor use that will withstand the natural elements. Paper, metal, wood, coroplast, or other solid materials which may be easily torn or separated from the banner or could cause damage or injury to passing vehicles or pedestrians are prohibited.
  • Welded or reinforced edges
  • Weather resistant, outdoor grommets along the top and bottom of the banner with spacing not to exceed 48”
 How to hang your banner

Banners must be affixed to the east side of the railing during daylight hours using minimum 3/8”-wide zip ties through all grommets along both the top and bottom edges of the banner. Zip ties are available for pick-up at City Hall. Two people are required for hanging the banner to ensure it is always firmly secure.

To hang the banner:

  • Access the east side of the Moody Street overpass from the pedestrian sidewalk beginning at Clarke Street or Esplanade Avenue/Rocky Point Park.
  • Locate the permissible area for hanging the banner  - see video below.
  • Place the banner on the inside of the railing with text/images right side up and facing the railing.
  • With one person holding the long side of the banner, fasten all top edge grommets to the railing beginning at one corner until the banner is hanging from the inside of the railing.
  • Flip the banner over the top of the railing so it is hanging on the outside of the structure, right side up and facing westbound traffic.
  • Fasten the bottom corners and a minimum of every second bottom edge grommet to the railing.

Please note, banners which have been mounted incorrectly or have been damaged will be removed and the applicant notified. Removed banners will be available to be picked up and remounted (if they are undamaged) at:

City of Port Moody
Community Services Department
City Hall – 2nd Floor
100 Newport Drive
Port Moody, BC V3H 3E1

 How to remove your banner

Two people are required for removing the banner to ensure it is always firmly secure.

To remove the banner:

  • Remove zip ties one at a time along the bottom edge of the banner by holding the strap in one hand and cutting with the other.
  • Store removed zip ties for disposal in an appropriate trash receptacle off the overpass.
  • Flip the banner over the railing so it is hanging by the top edge on the inside of the railing.
  • Remove the zip ties one at a time along the top edge of the banner in the same manner as the bottom.
  • Hold securely and roll the banner as the edge is released.