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Have you ever considered 'Naturescaping' for your garden? This innovative landscaping approach focuses on the use of native plant species to foster sustainable, environmentally friendly gardens. It allows gardeners to design natural spaces that are both visually appealing and ecologically sound.

By choosing plant species that support our pollinators and those that are climate resilient, you can help reduce water consumption during the hot, dry summer months. Garden enthusiasts should ensure their gardens remain free from invasive plants that can threaten native species. One such plant to be wary of is Burdock, known for its large leaves and spiky seed heads that can trap birds, bats, and small amphibians in its clinging burs.

Referring to the Preferred Plant List can guide you to find trees, shrubs, and flowers best suited for our local environment. Quick tip for green thumbs: the optimal times to plant trees and shrubs are during Spring and Fall. Eager to learn more about tree care? Dive into Trees in Port Moody