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 February Findings - Urban Forest Management Strategy

Have you ever noticed how much cooler and pleasant it feels under the shade of a tree on a hot day? That's because trees help cool down cities, which are usually warmer than areas with fewer buildings and more open land. By offering shade and reducing direct sunlight on buildings and paved areas, trees not only lower temperatures but also save homeowners on cooling bills.

And it's not just about the shade. Trees enhance our City’s ecosystems and biodiversity, and their roots anchor soils to prevent landslides and flash floods, especially during heavy rainfalls. But the wonders of trees don't stop there. Just being around them has been proven to melt away stress, enhance our work performance, and even help patients recover faster in hospitals.

Trees also work against climate change. They breathe in carbon dioxide, purify our air from pollutants, and give us fresh oxygen, making our urban spaces healthier and more livable. Presented below is a chart illustrating the distribution of our urban forest.

Urban Forest Management Strategy


For more information regarding trees in Port Moody, and to discover our city's commitment to preserving our green canopy, visit portmoody.ca/ufms.