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 Storm Drain Awareness

Did you know all storm drains and roadside ditches connect directly to fish habitat and streams. Let's take action to preserve our aquatic ecosystems.

Here are some key tips:

Proper disposal matters: Never pour or rinse chemicals, soap, paint, chlorinated water, oil, or soil into storm drains. Storm water is untreated and flows to aquatic habitats. These materials can harm or kill fish and other aquatic species.

Identify, Reduce, Redirect: Before undertaking activities that could release pollutants into storm drains (like landscaping, painting, or car washing), identify storm drains or ditches nearby, aim to reduce the amount of runoff onto the road, and redirect runoff to grass or gravel to soak into the ground.

Report pollution: If you see pollution in storm drains or creeks, contact us at 604-469-4574 or operations@portmoody.ca.

Let's protect our waterways and aquatic friends! Share these tips to make a difference. For more information visit portmoody.ca/environment