We offer a variety of programs that teach children how to play hockey. You will learn how to pass, shoot, and stick handle all while having fun! If you want a more in-depth experience, try taking private hockey lessons.

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For a full list of hockey programs, costs, and times, you can also view the Recreation Happening Guide.

Fun Hockey

Fun hockey is for children between the ages of 5 and 10. In this program, you get a basic introduction to the game of hockey with 15 minutes of skill development and a 30 minute recreational hockey game. Completion of Preschool Level 2 required.

Defence Camp

For ages 8-12 years. This recreational hockey camp is for the player wanting to strengthen their backwards skating, quick starts, pivots, understanding of passing and rushing lanes, how to block shots, clear pucks during penalty kill and shoot from the point.

Forwards Puck Handling and Shooting Camp

For ages 8-12 years. This recreational hockey program is ideal for those players wanting to improve their existing puck handling skills. Work on net drives, how to best read and react to scoring opportunities, wrist shots, backhand shots, snapshots and slapshots.

Power skating program

We provide children and adult power skating classes. These courses focus on skating technique and agility and are great for those looking to improve their hockey skills. In order to participate, you need to wear full hockey equipment, including a neck guard. You must complete School Age Level 4  or request an on-ice evaluation in order to take power skating lessons.

Private hockey lessons

Want to improve your hockey skills? Take private hockey lessons. We offer private lessons to children between the ages of five and thirteen. Improve your power and agility in a one-on-one learning environment.