Port Moody's forested mountains, shorelines, and inviting park spaces create beautiful backdrops for outdoor celebrations. We welcome residents and visitors to enjoy seasonal holidays, birthdays, and special events across the City's outdoor spaces year-round. 

When celebrating outdoors, it is important to be mindful of any decorations used. While not intentional, some decor materials can cause harm to wildlife and the environment. Despite even the best cleanup efforts, some outdoor decor gets left behind and can persist for many years in our natural areas. For example, tinsel can entangle birds, popped balloons can be mistakenly consumed by dogs or wildlife, fake snow or cobwebs can entrap bats and small birds, and tiny fragments of glitter or glass can become embedded in soils or washed into our streams. 

Designated Decorating Space

To protect our parks, trails and natural areas, installing decorations of any kind on City Lands is not permitted. However, the City has delineated a special area known as a Designated Decorating Space to invite the public to install seasonal and holiday decor in an outdoor community setting for a limited time.

Any holiday decor installed within a Designated Decorating Space must abide by the following:

  • Please respect the decorations belonging to others. The City is not responsible for loss or theft of items left in Designated Decorating Spaces.
  • No materials are to include hate speech or hate symbolism of any kind, including profanity, lewd imagery, or other offensive remarks.
  • All materials installed are to be collected by their original owners by the end of the event. Any materials left unclaimed will be removed and disposed of or donated by the City and will not be held for later collection by the owners.
Prohibited Materials
  • Glass (including glass bulbs or ornaments) and items with sharp or hazardous edges
  • Fragile or hollow plastic ornaments 
  • Styrofoam, glitter, mesh/netting, tinsel, plastic garland, loose plastic string or ribbon
  • Ornaments with lead-based paint
  • Edible materials, including seeds, nuts, dog treats, and wrapped/unwrapped candy
  • Invasive species, such as English Holly
  • Artificial snow, including fibrous or plastic
  • Latex or helium balloons
Accepted Materials

Accepted materials include, but are not limited to:

  • Popsicle sticks, wooden beads, cork (painted or left natural)
  • Paper, cardboard
  • Plush toys
  • Fabric, burlap, cotton
  • Jute twine, cotton string
  • Metal ornaments, metal wire, metal ornament hooks
  • Clay, stones, shells
  • Wood, twigs, pinecones
  • Dried or fresh flowers, leaves, and live plants (native or ornamental species)
  • Salt dough art (painted or left natural)
  • Solid plastic or rubber objects, such as children's toys, that are built to last. Fragile, hollow plastic ornaments and toys are not permitted, as they may fragment and break when temperatures are below freezing. 

Interested in eco-friendly & wildlife friendly outdoor decorating ideas, visit Eco-Friendly Tips for Outdoor Decorating

Upcoming Designated Decorating Spaces

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Read the Decorating in Parks and Natural Areas Policy

Read the Parks and Community Facilities Rules and Regulations Bylaw 2021, No.3321