Many residents and visitors enjoy experiencing Port Moody from the water. Port Moody's Designated Anchorage Area (DAA) provides boaters with a safe, reserved anchorage space in the inlet while they visit and enjoy many of the sights and amenities in the surrounding area.

Anchorage rules and regulations

For a detailed description of the anchorage rules and regulations, read our Anchorage terms and conditions. When anchoring in Port Moody, you must follow these rules:

  • no anchoring is allowed outside of the DAA
  • you must get a DAA permit to anchor overnight
  • you can be anchored for up to 21 nights during a 40-day period
  • you may extend your stay in the Inlet by moving to a marina or other permitted location
  • you must have your permit documents available, as proof of registration
  • only marine pleasure crafts are allowed in the DAA
  • you must leave by 12pm on the day your permit ends

Designated Anchorage Area map

Boaters must be within the boundaries of the four buoys of the DAA based on the GPS coordinates:

  • latitude: 49°17'18.06”N
  • longitude: -122°51'14.47W

Designated anchorage area map

Register for a DAA permit

If you would like to anchor in the Port Moody inlet overnight, you must register for a Designated Anchorage Area permit. You will need a boat licence and insurance in order to receive a DAA permit. To get a permit, you must:

We will send an email confirming that we received your permit application. If necessary, you can show this email to the Enforcement Officer upon inspection until you receive the actual permit.

The City of Port Moody will review your permit application and check for availability for the requested dates. We issue DAA permits on a first come, first served basis.


You can cancel your overnight permit reservation up to 24-hours before the start date of the permit. There is a $30 administration charge for all cancellations.

Anchoring enforcement

Boats that are anchored overnight, inside the DAA, without a permit, are subject to enforcement and towing. If you anchor your boat outside of the DAA, you are likely in the shipping lanes. This means that you are a navigational hazard and the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority may remove your boat.