Alfred Howe Greenway

The Alfred Howe Greenway trail is a multi-use trail that provides a scenic connection between the Glenayre and College Park neighbourhoods and the waterfront. This gravel trail rises and falls steeply through ravines before descending the bluff of Burnaby Mountain. Stairs are located at several points alongside the gravel trail.

Trail location

The trail is 2.2km both ways. You can access the trail at an upper (south) access point located off the parking lot of the Westhill Youth Centre or the lower (north) access off the Barnett Highway approximately 100m west of the Reed Point Way intersection.

The trail connects with the Trans-Canada Trail at Reed Point Way.

Topographical trail maps

View our topographical maps of the Alfred Howe Greenway trail to familiarize yourself with the area.

Topographical map of Alfred Howe Greenway

Topographical map of Alfred Howe Greenway