Traffic pattern changes coming to Spring Street May 25

On May 25, 2021, the City will be implementing traffic pattern changes on Spring Street to help improve pedestrian, cyclist, and driver safety in the area. 

On Spring Street, barricades will be set up at five intersections to prevent traffic from entering. For drivers, the traffic pattern changes will include:

  • no eastbound access to Spring Street from Douglas Street, Elgin Street, and Kyle Street;
  • no westbound access to Spring Street from Grant Street and Moody Street; and
  • right turn only for eastbound traffic on Spring Street at Moody Street. 

Vehicles will be able to exit Spring Street at all intersections. Restrictions will not apply to pedestrians or cyclists, and will not affect municipal waste collection. The changes to the Elgin Street intersection will be completed in co-ordination with development projects underway in that area. 

This is a pilot project that supports the transportation goals in the City’s Official Community Plan. These temporary measures will be monitored and adjusted as necessary prior to considering if permanent measures will be implemented. Visit for more information including a map and feedback form

These traffic calming measures were identified by the City as a result of concerns raised by residents and subsequent traffic monitoring completed by the City, which identified that Spring Street is being used by commuters to bypass peak hour traffic on Clarke Street and St. Johns Street. Spring Street was not designed for commuter traffic and these changes are intended to discourage commuters from using Spring Street as a bypass while also improving safety and comfort for pedestrians and cyclists. 

The initial implementation date of fall 2020 was delayed to allow for additional consultation with local businesses.