Suter Brook Village

Changes are coming to Suter Brook Village to improve traffic operations as well as pedestrian and driver safety. Want to know more? Visit today.

Engage Port Moody, our public engagement hub, is your source for information on the Suter Brook Village Traffic Improvement pilot project. On our project page you can:

  • learn about the traffic changes;
  • take a look at our project map;
  • review the project’s history and timeline;
  • read the consultation summary from 2019;
  • register for an online information session on March 18, 2021; and
  • post questions and complete a feedback form.

The City is hosting information sessions at 10-11am and 7-8pm on March 18, 2021. These will be held online via Zoom and you’ll need to register by March 12, 2021 to participate. For both sessions, staff will review the upcoming pilot traffic improvements and provide an opportunity for discussion, questions, and feedback. Please visit for more information.

In 2018-2019, the City of Port Moody engaged with area residents, business owners, and strata corporations about neighbourhood traffic safety, noise, and the use of public space in Suter Brook Village. As a result of that feedback, we’ve developed an improvement plan and implementation strategy for Suter Brook Village.

The first phase of this pilot project is anticipated for April 2021 and includes:

  • designating two commercial loading zones on Morrissey Road; and
  • changing Brew Street to one-way traffic.

These changes are designed to reduce potential conflicts between frequent pedestrian crossings and drivers searching for on-street parking. The two commercial loading zones will eliminate five on-street parking spots but will provide safe parking and unloading locations for business deliveries, removing the need for double-parking or other illegal maneuvers. The one-way traffic pattern will direct traffic to underground parking access points and prevent drivers from performing illegal U-turns in an attempt to park in an open spot. These improvements will be monitored before being considered as a permanent traffic change in the second phase of this project.

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