Port Moody raises fines for parking infractions

The City of Port Moody has increased its fines for certain infractions under the Street, Traffic, and Public Places Bylaw (Number 1528)

The City’s Municipal Information Ticket Authorization Bylaw (No. 3218) has been amended to include the following fines:

Street, Traffic, and Public Places Bylaw
(Number 1528)


Full penalty

(paid after 30 days)

Discounted penalty
(paid within 30 days)

Park in contravention of traffic control device




Stop/park in contravention of approved signs




Previously, fines for the infractions noted above were $50 if paid after 30 days and $25 if paid within 30 days.

To learn more about municipal tickets or find contact information for our Bylaw Enforcement team, please visit portmoody.ca.