Port Moody Fire Rescue has lifted a temporary ban on the use of outdoor cooking appliances of any kind in City Parks, forested lands, and public green spaces.

The ban was announced September 1, 2017, in response to the elevation of the fire hazard rating from high to extreme during a period of dry and warm weather. Currently, the fire hazard rating is high. Port Moody Fire Rescue maintains a four-step fire hazard rating with signage displayed at the northwest corner of Ioco Road and Murray Street.

“Now that we have cooler temperatures and a bit of rain in the forecast over the coming days, the risk of accidental fires in wooded and urban areas is lower,” says Ron Coulson, Port Moody Fire Chief. “I’d like to thank residents and visitors for their cooperation while the ban was in progress, and ask that we all continue to remain vigilant and do everything we can to prevent fires. When you’re enjoying our City parks, use outdoor cooking appliances with care and common sense, and make sure you don’t light up, as smoking is not permitted at any time.”

Residents and visitors are reminded that open fires are now banned year-round within the municipal boundaries of the City of Port Moody.