Port Moody single-family household? Look out for your new bin this March. 

As part of our waste collection service, the City of Port Moody will pick up glass at the curb on a monthly basis starting the week of April 20, 2015. We’ll provide single family homes with a separate bin for glass, while multi-family homes will get a large cart for their garbage rooms.

City staff will start delivering bins the week of March 2 by waste collection zone. Here’s when to expect your new bin:

Monday Zone

March 2–6

Tuesday Zone

March 9–13

Wednesday Zone

March 16–20

Thursday Zone

March 23–27

 If you don’t receive a bin by the end of your delivery week, please call 604.469.4574 or email recycle@portmoody.ca. We want to make sure you’re set up for the first glass pick-up in April.

Find out more about this new program at portmoody.ca/glass