Trees in Port Moody

Port Moody’s trees are an important community resource, integral to the health and well-being of our people, plants, and animals – and to the city’s resilience in the face of climate change. We are working on two projects that recognize the vital role of trees in our community, and we want your input! How should we manage and protect trees as our city evolves? Visit our Trees in Port Moody page at to participate today!

In response to City Council’s declaration of a climate emergency and the City’s goal of restoring and strengthening our urban forest, we are developing an Urban Forest Management Strategy and reviewing Port Moody’s Tree Protection Bylaw.

Urban Forest Management Strategy
Every tree in Port Moody, whether it’s on a city street or in a park or a residential yard, is part of our urban forest. We will establish a 30-year vision and develop a strategy to help us improve the health and resilience of our urban forest.

Tree Protection Bylaw Review
The City’s Tree Protection Bylaw protects trees on public lands and on private lands in specific circumstances. We are reviewing the existing bylaw to ensure it reflects best management practices and community values.

Visit Engage Port Moody, our public engagement hub, to learn more about these management tools and how you can get involved. We want to hear from you! At, you can:

  • learn about the benefits that trees bring to our community, and what an Urban Forest Management Strategy will help us achieve;
  • learn more about the Tree Protection Bylaw and why we’re doing a review;
  • take our community survey – share your thoughts on how we can manage and protect our urban forest (paper surveys are available upon request at City Hall, 100 Newport Drive);
  • find out about our outdoor pop-up events in Rocky Point Park (May 27, 2022) and Bert Flinn Park (May 28, 2022);
  • tell us your story – we want to know why Port Moody’s trees are important to you;
  • add pins to a map of Port Moody to share locations where you value the urban forest or where you think it needs improvement; and
  • leave a comment about the current Tree Protection Bylaw – what do you think about Port Moody’s current requirements for tree protection?

Our current survey will remain open through June 12, 2022. There will be additional public engagement opportunities for both projects in 2022 and 2023. Register at and participate today! If you have any questions about the Urban Forest Management Strategy project, please email For questions about the Tree Protection Bylaw Review, please email