children playing in playground

Mayor and Council invite residents of all ages to celebrate the completion of improvements to seven outdoor play spaces in Port Moody at a special event on Thursday, September 14, 2023. Join us from 3:30pm to 5pm at Westhill Park (203 Westhill Place) for a brief ceremony followed by face painting and button making, and of course play time on the playground. 

“We’re so excited to celebrate the completion of this significant replacement project for play spaces in seven of our neighbourhood parks,” says Mayor Meghan Lahti. “Playgrounds and spray parks are vital to the health of our community. Often within walking distance of their homes, these spaces give children a place to develop physical and social skills, and they give kids and adults alike a place to connect with each other and with the natural world around them. 

“I’d like to thank our Engineering project management and Parks staff for all their hard work on this project, and our residents, especially our smallest ones, for their patience during construction. We hope everyone enjoys the new and improved play spaces for many years to come. Let’s play!” 

In 2023, the City has replaced aging play equipment and surfaces at the locations listed below. Residents are invited to explore the new features, find inspiration for new adventures both real and imaginary, and create memories with friends and family. 

Ailsa Spray Park (500 block Ailsa Avenue)
A new rubberized surface was installed in the first phase of this project. We anticipate that work on the second phase, which will include additional spray park features and play elements, will begin by spring 2024. 

Art Wilkinson Park (492 Glencoe Drive)
The aging play structure for two- to five-year-olds has been replaced with a new structure with a slide, as well as a spring rider and saddle spinner, all on a new engineered wood fibre surface. 

Barber Street Park (94 April Road)
This playground has a new swing set and climbing structure with slide, designed for children aged two to five years, on an engineered wood fibre surface. 

Seaview Park (1255 Cecile Drive)
Phase 1 improvements include a new play structure with slides, as well as a spinner and a skill-building paved pump track, for kids aged five to 12. Phase 2, scheduled for late 2023, will see the installation of a new play structure and swing set for kids aged 18 months to five years. 

Town Centre Park (300 Ioco Road)
A new swing set, designed for kids aged two to five years and installed on rubberized surfacing, complements the existing toddler play structure with slide. 

Twin Creeks Park (233 Parkside Drive)
The aging climbing structure for five- to 12-year-olds has been replaced with a new climbing structure with a slide, installed on a new engineered wood fibre surface. 

Westhill Park (203 Westhill Place)
The playground at Westhill Park has been expanded to serve multiple age groups. It features a spring rider, a spinner, a swing set (two bucket seats and two belt seats), an oodle swing, a climbing structure with slide for kids aged two to five years, and a climbing structure with slide and a zipline for kids aged five to 12. Sand surfacing has been replaced with a combination of engineered wood fibre surfacing and rubberized surfacing.