Fireworks safety

Keep your family, friends, and neighbours safe this Halloween by following City of Port Moody rules for the use of fireworks and standard fireworks safety procedures. 

In accordance with the City’s Fireworks Bylaw No. 2070, fireworks may only be set off, discharged, or exploded on October 31 each year, and only subject to the following conditions:

  • on the lot of a private dwelling, with the knowledge and consent of the occupant; or
  • as part of a public display organized and controlled by a public body or society, with the written permission of the Fire Chief. 

Residents are reminded that no one under the age of 18 may possess fireworks for any reason, and that it is unlawful to set off, discharge, or explode firecrackers. 

If you plan to use fireworks, keep everyone safe by following these safety procedures:

  • never use fireworks indoors – they are designed for outdoor use only;
  • always use fireworks in an open area away from buildings, vehicles, overhead obstructions, and dry brush/grass (which could catch fire);
  • carefully read all the instructions for each firework ahead of time;
  • fireworks should be lit with the prevailing wind blowing away from spectators and the closest dwelling – if the wind is strong, do not set off aerial fireworks;
  • keep a charged hose or bucket filled with water close by in case of a malfunction or fire;
  • keep all spectators at least 20 metres back from the firing area;
  • protect your eyes with safety glasses or goggles (regular prescription glasses or sunglasses provide little or no protection and may actually contribute to an injury);
  • never let children handle, play with, or set off fireworks or sparklers under any circumstances;
  • do not carry fireworks in your pockets, and never smoke while handling fireworks;
  • when lighting, do not hold the fireworks in your hand, or put any part of your body or head over them, and do not insert them into other means of containment such as pipes;
  • never attempt to re-light fireworks that have misfired (duds) – wait 30 minutes and then place them in a bucket of water; and
  • after a fireworks display, wait 30 minutes and then check the firing area for duds, clean up all debris, and check the area again the next morning. 

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