Help us improve road safety on Moray Street – take our community survey by August 8

How can we improve road safety on Moray Street? We want you to share any concerns about road safety as well as your ideas for traffic calming. Your input will be included in a traffic calming study to help us design solutions for a pilot project to address traffic concerns on Moray Street. 

Engage Port Moody, our public engagement hub, is your source for information and the place where you can get involved. Visit to:

  • learn about the project;
  • take our online community survey; and
  • map your feedback – share your concerns and ideas for specific locations on Moray Street by adding pins and comments to a map of the area. 

Our community survey and feedback map will be open until August 8, 2021. Paper surveys are available at City Hall (100 Newport Drive). 

Some traffic calming measures have already been put in place on Moray Street – such as pavement markings for on-street parking and a bike lane, as well as flashing speed limit signs – to address concerns raised by the community. While these measures have resulted in improvements, there is room to make further changes to improve safety for road users and community residents. 

Our traffic calming study will assess the current conditions on Moray Street and propose physical measures to:

  • reduce speeding;
  • encourage sustainable methods of transportation (walking, rolling, cycling, etc.); and
  • improve overall safety and accessibility. 

Be sure to fill out our community survey and/or map your feedback at by August 8, 2021. Your input will help us design recommended traffic calming solutions. In the next phase of the project, planned for September/October 2021, we’ll share what we heard and present a draft preferred design. If you have any questions about the project, please email