Port Moody 2050

As part of Port Moody 2050, our process to gather public input and draft updates to our city’s Official Community Plan, we invite you to fill out our community survey on land use scenarios for four neighbourhood areas: Moody Centre Transit-Oriented Development Area, Oceanfront District, Murray Street, and Seaview. Visit engage.portmoody.ca to provide your feedback, which will help City staff determine community preferences and develop recommended land use scenarios to be considered by Council as part of a draft Official Community Plan (OCP) update.

Port Moody’s OCP is our long-term vision for the future, a living document that’s shaped by the people who live here. This plan is important because it communicates our values and guides us as we make decisions about how we use land for housing, transportation, parks, environmental protection, economic development, and more.

A land use scenario shows potential uses (such as residential, commercial, industrial, parks and green space) for land in a particular area, as well the general height, shape, and placement of buildings that could support the potential uses. It is not a development proposal; it provides a general idea of what may be possible in a neighbourhood over many years.

Go to Engage Port Moody, our public engagement hub, to fill out our online survey today. We encourage you to complete the survey on a desktop computer rather than a mobile device for a better user experience. Submissions are due by July 11, 2022.

Port Moody households will be receiving a paper copy of the survey in the mail. If you prefer to fill out the survey on paper, please return your completed booklet in the envelope provided as soon as possible to allow time for delivery via Canada Post. Paper copies are also available at City Hall (100 Newport Drive).

In 2021, we received valuable input from the community via our first two surveys (#1 OCP vision and goals and #2 exploration of key themes) for this project. Participants have shared their thoughts on the importance of managing growth, addressing increased traffic and congestion, and prioritizing parks, green space, and employment opportunities. The input we received informed the development of the land use scenarios presented in our current survey (#3). The scenarios have been endorsed by City Council for the purposes of generating discussion, gathering feedback from the public, and determining community preferences.

If you have any questions about Port Moody 2050, please email 2050@portmoody.ca.