Help us create a 30-year plan for Port Moody by sharing your thoughts on our vision and goals

As part of Port Moody 2050, a one- to two-year process to gather public input and draft focused updates to the Official Community Plan, we’re inviting you to fill out a community survey on Port Moody’s vision for the future and the goals that will help us get there. 

The last comprehensive review of the Official Community Plan – our long-term vision for Port Moody’s future – was completed in 2014. Since then, a lot has changed in our city so we’re checking in to see if you think we’re still on the right track. Are the 2014 vision statements and goals still relevant today? Do they address current priorities and future needs? We want you to share your thoughts with us – fill out a survey today at Help us create a plan for the next 30 years that reflects the shared values and goals of our diverse community. 

Port Moody’s Official Community Plan is a living document that’s shaped by the people who live here. This plan is important because it communicates our values and guides us as we make decisions about how we use land for housing, transportation, parks, environmental protection, economic development, and more. It’s your plan for your city, so we want to hear your voice! The community survey will remain open through February 7, 2021. 

Engage Port Moody is your source for information on Port Moody 2050 and the place where you can share your ideas and provide your feedback. Register and participate today. In addition to filling out a survey, you can:

  • sign up to be notified of upcoming engagement opportunities;
  • view our Port Moody 2050 timeline, which shows the different phases of our public engagement process including when we’ll be seeking input and when we’ll be checking in with the community to share what we’ve heard;
  • share your Port Moody story – tell us why you choose to live in this city we call home;
  • leave a comment – share your thoughts on any aspect of Port Moody 2050 or the Official Community Plan; and/or
  • ask a question – we’ll respond to you directly and/or post a response online. 

Port Moody 2050 will include several opportunities for you to get involved in a meaningful way as we explore how we want Port Moody to evolve. We’ll focus on our overall vision as well as specific areas of the city: the Moody Centre Transit-Oriented Development Area, the Oceanfront District, the Seaview neighbourhood, and Murray Street. Throughout the process, we want you to share your thoughts and ideas with us and with others in the community. Your input will inform Council’s decision-making as they consider proposed updates to the Official Community Plan. 

Engage Port Moody is our public engagement hub where you can learn about current plans and projects, share your ideas, and provide your feedback. We encourage you to register as a user of the site. It only takes a minute, and once you’re registered you’ll be able to engage with us on topics that are open for input. You can also choose to receive updates about the projects you have given feedback on and notifications about new projects. Help shape your city by sharing your perspective on Port Moody matters that matter to you. 

If you have any questions about Engage Port Moody or Port Moody 2050, please email or call 604-469-4663.