Help keep Port Moody sidewalks clear and safe

With more snow in the forecast, the City of Port Moody is asking everyone to do their part to help keep sidewalks and curb letdowns clear and safe for pedestrians. 

As outlined in the City’s Sidewalk and Boulevard Maintenance Bylaw, residents, strata corporations, and businesses are responsible for removing snow and ice from sidewalks and curb letdowns bordering their property within 24 hours of a snowfall or storm event. Failure to clear sidewalks may result in a fine of $100. 

Owners of private property along priority pedestrian routes are required to clear adjacent sidewalks of snow and ice by 10am every day. Priority pedestrian routes are sidewalks near public facilities and transportation hubs with high volumes of pedestrian traffic. Failure to remove snow or ice may result in a fine of $100 for a first offence and up to $500 for subsequent recurrences. In addition to daily fines, the City may complete clearing of priority pedestrian routes at the property owner’s expense. 

Clearing sidewalks and curb letdowns in a timely manner will help pedestrians, particularly people with mobility issues and children, get around town safely this winter. 

When winter conditions hit, the City works to clear sidewalks adjacent to public property, bus stops, pedestrian overpasses, and roads in a priority sequence. Visit to learn more about the City’s snow response priorities for roads and pedestrian areas. 

Be weather ready all year long. Visit to learn how you can stay safe through snow and ice, heavy rain and windstorms, and extreme heat. Find tips related to snow shovelling, winter driving, clearing snow from catch basins and fire hydrants, and more.