eco-friendly decorations

We invite you to get into the holiday spirit by hanging eco-friendly decorations for a limited time in a designated decorating space set up in Pioneer Memorial Park (275 Knowle Street). From November 17, 2023 to February 11, 2024, use your creativity and wildlife-friendly materials to create fun and celebratory ornaments to hang on potted fir trees and two wire-frame sculptures. 

A designated decorating space is a specified area within a City park or on other City land where the temporary display of seasonal décor is permitted for a predetermined period of time. Any decorations left on display must be collected by the original owners by the end of the period. Please visit for more information. 

Please note the designated space in Pioneer Memorial Park is currently the only public outdoor space in Port Moody where you may install decorations. On all other City lands, the installation of décor of any kind is not permitted as the materials used can cause harm to wildlife and the environment. Help us keep these materials out of our parks and trails so we can protect Port Moody’s natural areas. 

We also invite you to craft with us! The City of Port Moody and local artist Nickie Lewis are partnering to offer a seasonal décor crafting activity at the Port Moody Winter Farmers Market. Join us outside the Port Moody Recreation Complex (300 Ioco Road) between 10am and 2pm on Sunday, December 3, 2023. Dress for the weather and be ready to get crafty! 

“While decorations in parks and on trails can bring joy and lift people’s spirits, they are not permitted because the materials used can be harmful to our wildlife,” said Mayor Meghan Lahti. “As winter approaches, however, and people naturally look for ways to spread cheer, we wanted to provide an outdoor space where you can express your holiday spirit. We welcome you to add some colour and joy to Pioneer Memorial Park by hanging decorations made with eco-friendly materials.” 

Whether you’re installing decorations outdoors in a designated decorating space or on your own property, here are some ideas to help ensure your holiday décor is kind to wildlife and the environment:

  • use natural or biodegradable materials like wood, twine, cork, fabric, stones, seashells, or paper;
  • recycle and upcycle – reimagine existing items to reduce waste;
  • use scrap fabric to create unique and fun ornaments;
  • create biodegradable garland from untreated wooden beads or dried flowers and leaves;
  • make a simple dough out of flour, water, and salt – cut out fun shapes and bake; or
  • use twigs, driftwood, and paint to create unique shapes and designs. 

Be sure to avoid unsuitable materials such as glass (including glass bulbs or ornaments), Styrofoam, glitter, mesh/netting, tinsel, or plastic garland. Please do not use latex or helium balloons, or edible items such as seeds, nuts, dog treats, or candy. Despite even the best cleanup efforts, some of these materials can get left behind and persist for many years in our natural areas. For example, tinsel can entangle birds, popped balloons and candy can be mistakenly consumed by dogs or wildlife, and tiny fragments of glitter or glass can become embedded in soils or washed into our streams. 

Have fun decorating outdoors but remember that taking the time to choose suitable materials both at home and in designated decorating spaces will help to keep our natural areas healthy and safe for everyone to enjoy. Visit for more tips and ideas.