Enjoy parks and trails responsibly this long weekend

As we get ready to head outdoors this B.C. Day long weekend, we ask residents and visitors to use our parks and trails responsibly—especially amid dry and hot conditions. 

Help make parks safe for everyone

Be sure to follow restrictions so that our parks are safe spaces for everyone to enjoy:

  • Alcohol, smoking, and open fires (including fire pits and campfires) are not permitted at any time.
  • Keep dogs leashed. Find a full list of designated off-leash areas at portmoody.ca/dogparks.
  • Leave your recreational drones at home. Drones are not allowed in any Port Moody parks as per Bylaw 2894. 

Fire danger rating: extreme

While open fires are not permitted year-round in Port Moody, all cooking and warming appliances are currently banned in City parks, forested lands, and public green spaces due to the local fire hazard rating reaching “extreme” (Bylaw 2835). 

Prohibited activities and devices include: any open fire for personal warmth or cooking; portable wood burning devices; tiki torches; and sky lanterns. The ban also applies to CSA- or UL-rated cooking stoves that utilize propane or charcoal briquettes, or portable campfire devices that utilize charcoal briquettes, or liquid or gaseous fuels. 

Share the space
Be courteous and kind in our parks, and respect local wildlife. Here are a few tips for sharing our natural spaces:

  • Put garbage in designated garbage cans. Or, use the “pack it in, pack it out” principle.
  • Travel at a safe speed and anticipate others around corners or in blind spots. Let others know you are coming by giving a friendly greeting or ringing a bell.
  • Be ready for potential encounters with wildlife, including bears. As you move through the trails, give animals warning by talking or making noise and enough room to adjust to your presence. Find out more about how to manage wildlife encounters

Visit portmoody.ca/parks for more information on Port Moody parks and trails. 

Heat wave alert
Environment Canada has issued a heat wave alert that will last into the weekend. Heat exhaustion or heat stroke can happen to anyone who stays in the summer heat and sun for too long. Drink lots of water and seek out shade. If you need a break from the heat, visit one of our cooling centres, open through Saturday, July 31, 2021. Find more tips and resources at portmoody.ca/weather.