Don’t let your recycling go to waste

Used socks, guitars, teddy bears, car parts, dirty diapers, and cigarette butts are just a few of the eyebrow-raising items City staff have seen in recycling carts over the last few weeks. Materials collected by City crews go to Recycle BC for processing, and they can only accept certain items. Let’s all do our part to reduce the amount of banned material entering the recycling stream. When you recycle right, it makes a difference! By reducing and recycling, you’re helping our oceans and our environment. 

These seven items are our top offenders, and should not go in your recycling cart: 


Here’s where it should go:


Return-It Depot (#104 2560 Barnet Highway)

Plastic bags

Return-It Depot (#104 2560 Barnet Highway)

Dirty napkins

Your green waste cart


Your garbage cart

Chip bags

Return-It Depot (#104 2560 Barnet Highway)

Bagged garbage

Your garbage cart

 Not sure where to dispose of something? Start here:

  • download PoMobile – the City’s solid waste app – and check the Waste Wizard
  • call the City’s Operations Division at 604.469.4574 or email
  • go to and search for “Coquitlam Recycling and Waste Centre” for free recycling drop-off options 

We also want to remind residents that items like paint, chemicals, propane, and even batteries can spark fires at recycling facilities. Don’t fuel the danger – find out where to take hazardous items at