City seeks input on values and goals for north shore and Inlet Centre stormwater management

The City is developing integrated stormwater management plans (ISMPs) for Port Moody’s north shore area and the Inlet Centre neighbourhood. We invite you to learn more and help us identify and prioritize our stormwater management values and goals. Share your thoughts with us! Visit to fill out an online survey today. 

An ISMP, which is mandated by Metro Vancouver’s Integrated Liquid Waste Resource Management Plan, identifies actions to maintain and enhance the overall health of a watershed in response to urban development. Plans integrate and balance stormwater management with environmental protection and land use planning to direct future activities such as stormwater utility improvements, bank stabilization, and watercourse restoration. ISMPs can help to inform infrastructure upgrades, community plans, and other municipal projects. 

Engage Port Moody, our public engagement hub, is your source for information and the place where you can get involved. Visit the Stormwater Management project page to:

  • learn more about why stormwater management is important and the key issues that the ISMPs will help to address;
  • view a map to see the area that will be covered by each plan; and
  • take our community survey. 

Stormwater is the water from rain or melting snow that is either absorbed into the ground or flows over the ground, collects in watercourses and ponds, and is directed into the municipal storm sewer system. We collect stormwater from roads, homes, and businesses in our storm sewer system, which includes sewer pipes and open watercourses, and safely discharge it to the Burrard Inlet. Our ISMPs will help to reduce the impact of existing and potential issues such as poor stream water quality, low water flow in summer, extreme high flows, and increased costs related to infrastructure upgrades. 

We want to hear from you – your input will help to shape the ISMPs. Fill out a survey by April 29, 2022. Paper copies of the survey are available at City Hall (100 Newport Drive). If you have any questions about this project, please email