Trees provide many important benefits to people and to wildlife. They improve air and water quality, provide shade, stabilize soils, prevent erosion, and reduce the effects of stormwater flooding. The City of Port Moody is committed to maintaining and improving its tree canopy cover to provide these benefits over the long term. As a resident, you must consult the City's Tree Protection Bylaw before removing a tree from your property. The bylaw provides policies for tree removal and outlines when you need a tree removal permit.

Report a downed or hazardous tree

You can report downed or hazardous trees through our online form or by calling our Operations Centre at 604-469-4574.

Do I need a tree removal permit?

Based on the Tree Protection Bylaw, you are required to get a tree removal permit if:

  • you live in a condominium, apartment, townhouse, row house or duplex and would like to remove a tree
  • your property has a covenant registered on the Certificate of Title that relates to trees and landscaping
  • your property is located in an Environmentally Sensitive Area (ESA) or a Streamside Protection and Enhancement Area (SPEA) 
  • you would like to remove trees on a property for commercial, industrial, single or multi-family redevelopment

You don't need a tree removal permit if you:

  • want to trim branches that hang over your property from a neighbour's property
  • want to trim or prune trees on your property
  • are located in a residential area that is not an ESA or SPEA 

If your property is located in an ESA or SPEA, you will need to get authorization to trim overhanging branches, remove dead trees or trim and prune trees on your property. 

Request a tree removal permit

If you require a tree removal permit, you need to:

  1. complete a tree removal application form
  2. attach any necessary documents as requested in the Tree Protection Bylaw (listed on the back of the Tree Removal application form)
  3. email your completed application to
  4. pay the required fees and/or deposits

As part of your permit, you may be required to replace each tree that is removed with two new trees. You would also be required to pay a deposit for each tree that is planted.

Protecting Nesting Birds

Port Moody's parks, green spaces, and private backyards are home to many birds. Be mindful of nesting birds and avoid tree brush clearing during the general nesting period of March 1st to August 31st. The nests of great blue herons and some raptors are protected year-round, regardless of nest activity under section 34 (b) of the Wildlife Act. If tree removal during the general nesting period is unavoidable or you think a great blue heron or other raptor is nesting in your tree, contact a Qualified Environmental Professional for guidance and to ensure proposed works are compliant with the Federal Migratory Birds Convention Act and the Provincial Wildlife Act. Please consult the City's Bird Nest Protection policy for additional information.

Trimming a neighbour's overhanging branches

You are within your rights to trim back branches on neighbouring trees to the property line as long as they are pruned to industry standards and do not damage, kill or make the tree hazardous. We recommend that you discuss overhanging branches with your neighbour prior to planning any tree work.

Any arrangements made regarding carrying out the work or payment is a civil matter that needs to be worked out between neighbours. The City is not able to get involved in these matters. If you are unable to reach an agreement with your neighbour and want to determine your legal rights, you should contact a lawyer.

Tree Protection Bylaw and Schedules

Please carefully review the Tree Protection Bylaw and the following schedules before removing a tree from your property:

For more information, email the Planning and Development Department or call 604-469-4540.

For questions about trees on City lands, email Urban Forestry or call Public Works 604-469-4574.