We promote the use of responsible property care practices that create healthy lawns and gardens while protecting the environment. We can advise you on options for European Chafer Beetle infestations, how to safely remove invasive species, how to manage trees on your property, and how to support healthy streams and backyard wildlife habitat through Naturescaping. Under the Pesticide Use Control Bylaw, pesticides cannot be used for on residential or City lands in Port Moody for cosmetic purposes.

Natural lawn care

Natural lawn and garden care
  • keep your grass long, mow often and leave the clippings on the lawn
  • water thoroughly, but infrequently, to encourage deeper roots

  • improve lawns with aeration and over-seeding, or consider fixing the soil and replanting

  • do not use pesticides for lawn and garden beautification; many pesticides that are legally allowed for sale cannot be used on residential and City lands in Port Moody under the Pesticide Use Control Bylaw

  • consider alternatives to grass for steep slopes, shady areas or areas near streams and lakes, as recommended by Naturescaping Principles. Alternative ground covers can also help prevent Chafer Beetle infestations.

Lawn watering regulations

Drinking water is a shared resource in our region and is managed by Metro Vancouver under their Drinking Water Conservation Plan. In the City of Port Moody, this Plan is enforced through our Drinking Water Conservation Plan Bylaw, 2022,. No.3346.

Did you know that using hoses and sprinklers for lawn care diverts water from our regional drinking water supply? This is because the water from our kitchen taps and backyard hoses comes from the same source. In fact, our regional water use can increase by more than 50 per cent during dry periods and warmer months (particularly in summer and fall), largely due to lawn and garden watering, and other outdoor uses. To address these seasonal fluctuations in water demand, region-wide watering regulations are in effect from May to October as a measure to conserve drinking water.

Learn more about the BC Government's general water conservation tips.

View drought levels in your area and throughout the province on the BC Government's Drought Portal.

New lawns and lawns with nematode applications for European Chafer Beetle are eligible for a temporary exemption from watering restrictions.

Stage 2 lawn watering regulations

Effective August 4, 2023, Metro Vancouver activated stage 2 of the region’s Drinking Water Conservation Plan, which means all residential and non-residential lawn watering and watering of grass boulevards are now banned. Metro Vancouver is taking this step due to continued high water demand and forecasted hot, dry weather. Visit metrovancouver.org for a summary of stage 2 outdoor water use restrictions. Please read Metro Vancouver’s July 28, 2023 media release to learn more.

Lawn sprinkler permits

NOTICE: Due to Stage 2 watering restrictions temporary exemption from watering restrictions are not currently available.

Rain barrels

Conserve water by purchasing a rain barrel. You can use rain water instead of household water on your flowers, gardens, and lawns.

Please note that the City of Port Moody has now wrapped up the subsidized rain barrel program for Port Moody residents, and there is no longer inventory available for purchase.

Healthy streams 

In urban environments, water runoff can pollute streams and other bodies of water. As water moves across streets it collects oil, pesticides, and other chemicals.

 To help keep our streams healthy, use the following tips around your home and garden:
  • do not dump anything directly in a stream or storm sewer; the Stream and Drainage System Protection Bylaw prohibits discharge into streams and storm sewers

  • avoid the use of weed killers and other pesticides – many pesticides that are legally allowed for sale cannot be used on residential and City lands in Port Moody under our Pesticide Use Control Bylaw

  • don't use landscaping plastic because this increases runoff

  • slowly drain your hot tub or pool into the ground or sewer system – never drain into streets or storm drains

  • fix oil and transmission leaks on your vehicle

  • wash your car at a car wash – otherwise use minimal soap and park on grassy or gravel surfaces

  • sweep your driveways and walkways instead of using a hose

  • consider using gravel instead of pavement to reduce runoff

  • keep streams shaded with trees and brush; the City protects streamside setbacks from land altering and development activities

  • don't let litter or trash enter streams

  • keep your pets away from streams

Community gardens

If you don't have access to your own lawn or garden, consider joining a community garden. Community gardens provide you with a place to grow your own food and interact with your neighbours.

Compost bins

Composting allows you to produce nutrient-rich soil for your lawn and garden in the convenience of your own backyard. Do not compost invasive plants.

Please note that the City of Port Moody has now wrapped up the subsidized composter program for Port Moody residents, and there is no longer inventory available for purchase.

How to avoid attracting bears and other wildlife to your bin:

  • Do not add any meat, bones, fish, and cooked fruit and vegetables;
  • Use lime to aid the composting process; and
  • Cover fresh compost with dirt, soil, leaves or grass clippings to reduce odours.

For more information on backyard composting, visit Metro Vancouver Composting in the Garden