Frequently asked questions

What is the new process for applying for a building permit?
You must submit your permit applications online under Building and Renovating

When is a building permit required?

A building permit is required before any new construction takes place. For residential building permit information and requirements, see our view our building guides.

When is a plumbing permit required?
A plumbing permit is required if you are planning to install or alter plumbing fixtures or piping. If you are planning to alter sanitary or storm sewers outside of the building, you'll need a plumbing service permit

What is a tenant improvement and when do I need a permit?
A tenant improvement is new construction or an alteration proposed within an industrial or commercial building. For tenant improvement building permit information and requirements, see our guide on Applying for a Tenant Improvement Permit in an Industrial or Commercial Building.

When do I need a Deconstruction (Demolition) permit?
You need a Deconstruction permit to completely remove any type of building or structure. If you are deconstructing only a portion of a building or a structure or interior partitions, you'll need to obtain a building permit (not a Deconstruction permit) to make any alterations to the building.
See the Deconstruction Permit Process for more information.

What is waste management?
Our Waste Management Bylaw No.2822 regulates and minimizes the amount of waste that is generated by new construction or Deconstruction of structures and sent to landfills for disposal. A waste management plan is required for every building permit application. 

How do I apply for a swimming pool permit?

Any swimming pool with a depth exceeding 2 feet requires a permit. For swimming pool permit information and requirements, see our guide on Applying for a Swimming Pool Permit.

Do I need a permit for a retaining wall?
Retaining walls are defined as walls retaining soil over 1.2m (4’0”) in height. You'll need a permit for any retaining wall that meets this definition. 

How much does a permit cost?
Please see our Fees and Charges Bylaw for specific fees, or call the Building Division at 604.469.4534. 

How do I obtain a gas or electrical permit?

We do not issue gas/electrical permits or provide gas/electrical inspections; please refer to Technical Safety BC for further information.