Urban beekeeping, also known as apiculture, helps with pollination, improves biodiversity, and increases honey production in our community. Learn about the urban beekeeping guidelines and regulations in Port Moody and set up a bee colony today!

Register your beehive

If you want to start urban beekeeping, you need to register through the British Columbia Ministry of Agriculture. You will need to register as a beekeeper and provide the location of your beehive. View the provincial Animal Health Act for more details about beekeeping regulations.

Urban beekeeping guidelines

The following municipal guidelines promote good management practices for residential beekeeping:

  • manage and maintain bees in a way that prevents swarming and aggressive behaviour
  • provide enough water for your bees so they don't seek out neighbouring swimming pools, bird baths, ponds or other bodies of water
  • keep a maximum of two beehives per lot
  • place your beehives in the backyard
  • limit hobby beekeeping to Single Detached Residential Zones or a site containing a community garden

Keep bears away

Bee hives attract bears. Visit Bear Smart - beekeeping and Wildsafe BC

Positioning your beehive

Use these guidelines to prevent issues with wildlife and ensure the appropriate height of the honeybee flight path:

  • place your beehive 2.4 m above ground level;
  • direct the beehive entrance away from neighbouring properties and position your beehive behind a solid fence or hedge that is 1.8 m in height running parallel to the property line; or
  • place your beehive a minimum of 7.6 m away from all property lines.

Beekeeping resources

To learn more about urban beekeeping practices and associations, see the: