Firefighter battling blaze

Many Port Moody residents live in areas of the city that border greenbelts, parks, and forested land. This means the possibility of a fire starting is always present, especially during the hot summer months. Here are some general tips to help minimize the potential of a fire starting or spreading:

  • maintain a 10 m clear zone between your structure and forested areas
  • remove dead and highly flammable trees
  • remove trees and brush growing under taller trees because they act as ladder fuels
  • prune trees and remove branches 2.5 m off the ground and those overhanging your roof
  • keep firewood piles at least 10 m away from all buildings
  • cut and remove tall dead grass from around all structures
  • keep all roofs, gutters, and decks clear of combustible materials, such as leaves, twigs, pine needles, etc.
  • maintain a short, green lawn around the perimeter of your property

Many greenbelts are protected as Environmentally Sensitive Areas, and special restrictions may apply for vegetation removal.

Weather has a significant impact on wildfires – in how they start, how aggressively they spread, and how long they burn. Find out the current fire danger rating in Port Moody and other information about fire weather.

Help you, your family and neighbours develop knowledge and skills to prepare for a wildfire before it happens. Visit Firesmart Canada to learn how you can make your home and community “FireSmart.”

Visit the City of Port Moody Emergency Preparedness page for popular wildfire resources.