We encourage you to drink tap water instead of bottled water to save money and reduce waste. Fill a refillable water bottle with water from the tap and bring it with you when you leave the house.

High-quality drinking water

Our high-quality drinking water is stored in Metro Vancouver's Capilano, Seymour, and Coquitlam watersheds before it is treated and supplied to Port Moody. The water is treated in modern, world-class drinking water treatment facilities, and meets Health Canada’s standards for quality. More than 30, 000 samples of Metro Vancouver water are tested every year.

From time to time, you may see news reports about Canadian cities where water quality tests have revealed high levels of lead in tap water.

Under the British Columbia Drinking Water Protection Act and the British Columbia Drinking Water Protection Regulation, the City of Port Moody is required to conduct drinking water quality monitoring and publish the results in an annual Water Quality Report.

In 2018, monitoring results showed that all five of Port Moody’s sampling stations used for metals analysis tested well below the Canadian Maximum Allowable Concentration for lead of five parts per billion (ppb). One of the five sampling stations indicated the presence of lead at a level of 1.5 ppb; the remaining four stations showed fewer than 0.5 ppb. Samples are taken from locations within the City’s distribution system, on City property.

We do not test water from private property. If you’re not sure whether there is lead present in your private plumbing, you can choose to have your tap water tested at a private sector laboratory.

Cross Connection Control Program

The Cross Connection Control (CCC) Program aims to protect our drinking water from contamination by requiring that City-owned facilities, select multi-residential properties, and industrial, commercial, and institutional properties follow best practices and standards to prevent contaminated or polluted water from flowing backwards into the water supply system. As required by the Provincial Health Services Authority, we need to meet specific standards to protect the public water system. View our Cross Connection Control Program page for additional information.