All catch basins, creeks, culverts, ditches, and storm sewers in the City of Port Moody lead directly to Burrard Inlet.

It's important to keep pollutants such as oil, paint, pesticides, and other household chemicals out of our storm sewer system to protect our environment.

Contact us if you see:

  • water overflowing from a manhole or inspection chamber;
  • missing manhole or inspection chamber lids;
  • missing catch basin grates; or
  • if you suspect chemicals are being washed into a storm drain.

Storm sewer service connections

Service problems are often due to problems in private plumbing systems.

Call a plumber or contractor first for:

  • flooding on private property
  • erosion or damage from runoff from neighbouring properties

What is stormwater?

Stormwater is the water from rain or melting snow that is not absorbed into the ground. The City collects stormwater from homes and businesses in the municipal storm sewer system and saftely discharges it to the Burrard Inlet. We are also responsible for managing the quantity and quality of stormwater before discharge. 

It is important to reduce the amount of stormwater as excessive amounts can cause erosion and degradation of water quality in the receiving bodies. We have recently completed the Moody Centre Stormwater Management Servicing Plan to explore best management practices that can help control excess amounts of stormwater. 

The plan explores best management practices for low impact development that help control excess amounts of stormwater and pollutants. The plan also updates the City’s 20 year stormwater servicing plan for Moody Centre and our design criteria to accommodate climate change precipitation forecasts.