We are working to make St. Johns Street a more comfortable and convenient place for people to walk, cycle, and access transit.

Project details

During public engagement for the Master Transportation Plan (MTP) in 2017, our community indicated that it was not easy to walk, cycle, or access transit along sections of St. Johns Street. The strategies and actions of the MTP identified the need to widen the sidewalk, install traffic signals to provide safe and accessible locations for pedestrians to cross the road, and implement bicycle amenities that appeal to people of all ages and abilities.

The MTP also identified that the existing High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lane westbound on St. Johns Street is under-utilized. The recommendation from the MTP is to remove the HOV lane and repurpose the street space for on-street parking, protected on-street or off-street bicycle paths, intersection safety improvements, curb extensions, landscaping, bus stops, and accessibility improvements. 

To achieve the recommendations of the MTP, the redesign project will be split into two phases. The first phase, encompassing the west section of the street from Albert Street to Moody Street, will focus on the construction of a new multi-use path.

The second phase, stretching from Moody Street to Ioco Road, will include repurposing the space of the westbound HOV lane for active transportation. Construction of this second phase is anticipated to be tied in with development and new construction along the corridor. Phase two will also review and make recommendations on traffic flow concerns during the eastbound rush hour. This includes:

  • St. Johns Street at Moray Street
  • St. Johns Street at Dewdney Trunk Road
  • St. Johns Street at Ioco Road

Phase one

St. Johns Street map - phase one


  • Detailed design of multi-use path: September 2021 to June 2022
  • Updates to traffic signal timing plans, including advance walk signals, at key intersections: completed December 2021
  • Health assessment of street trees: completed January 2022
  • Public engagement (information sessions and survey): February - March, 2022
  • Construction of multi-use path: starts Fall 2022

Phase two 

St. Johns Street map


  • Conceptual design: Fall 2022
  • Public engagement: Spring 2023
  • Final design: Summer 2023
  • Construction: is dependent on development and new construction along the corridor


We are currently asking the community for feedback on a multi-use path between Albert Street and Moody Street. Visit Engage Port Moody to learn more about the project and how you can provide feedback. Our community survey is open until March 25, 2022.