When winter conditions hit, we're ready. Responding in priority sequences, we:

  • take proactive measures such as applying anti-icing materials to roads and pedestrian areas, including sidewalks and pedestrian overpasses, when low temperatures and/or snow are in the forecast
  • remove snow and ice from roads and pedestrian areas

The City’s response is guided by the priorities outlined in our Winter Road Maintenance Policy. This policy includes a classification system that assigns priorities to roads and pedestrian areas which are the responsibility of the City to maintain.

City response priorities 

We prioritize roads and pedestrian areas to provide a high level of safety on busier routes. 

Road priorities and response map

Roads are classified as Priority 1, 2, or 3. City crews conduct winter road maintenance on a 24 hour a day, seven day a week basis on Priority 1 and Priority 2 roads. Priority 3 roads are maintained during weekday normal business hours.

In some cases, parked vehicles or other obstructions can limit winter road maintenance activities. Residents can help us keep roads clear by avoiding parking on roads where possible.

View a map of the Snow Response Priorities for Roads (large PDF).

Priority 1
This classification includes:

  • major arterial routes that form transportation connections and facilitate movement across the city
  • routes that connect with regional roads and highways
  • routes that provide access to schools.

We address these routes first to allow for movement of emergency vehicles and buses.

Priority 2
This classification includes:

  • collector and local connector routes that connect to multiple Priority 3 routes and are typically greater than 200 metres in length
  • routes that provide access to critical City water and sewer infrastructure

Priority 2 roads will be plowed to a passable condition once Priority 1 roads can be maintained to a passable condition. If weather conditions and operational resources allow, Priority 2 roads will be plowed at the same time as Priority 1 roads.

Priority 3
This classification includes other neighbourhood local roads. Priority 3 roads will be plowed to a passable condition once Priority 1 and 2 roads can be maintained to a passable condition.

Routes maintained by a contractor
On behalf of the City of Port Moody, a contractor provides winter road maintenance services for Barnet Highway and St. Johns Street. While the contractor strives to keep this route passable at all times, the timing and frequency of service for this route may differ from roads maintained by the City.

Pedestrian area priorities and response map

View a map of the Snow Response Priorities for Pedestrian Areas (PDF).

Pedestrian areas are classified as Priority 1 or 2. These areas include sidewalks, crosswalks, medians, letdowns, multi-use paths, bus stops, and pedestrian overpasses. Off-street cycling infrastructure is also included in this category.

Priority 1
This classification includes pedestrian areas within 800 metres of the Inlet Centre and Moody Centre SkyTrain stations.

These areas must be maintained to allow access to active transportation networks.

Priority 2
This classification includes pedestrian areas greater than 800 metres from the Inlet Centre and Moody Centre SkyTrain stations.

Parks priorities and response map

We maintain sidewalk and curb letdowns in City parks.

View a map of our Parks Snow and Ice Control Response (PDF).

Winter road maintenance equipment

We use the following equipment for winter road maintenance:

  • 1 tandem-axle snow plow
  • 2 single-axle snow plows
  • 2 one-ton snow plows
  • 1 small tractor

We use the following equipment in parks for sidewalk and parking lot maintenance:

  • 2 one-ton trucks outfitted with snow plows and salters
  • 2 front-end-loader tractors
  • 2 snowblower units
  • Kubota rugged terrain vehicle (RTV) set up with snow plow and salter
  • rental Bobcat skid-steer loader

To ask a question about snow and ice response or report a problem, please fill out our online form or call 604-469-4574.

Resident and business responsibilities

Clear sidewalks adjacent to your property

Help us keep sidewalks clear and safe! We can all do our part – please make sure you are aware of your responsibilities as outlined in our Sidewalk and Boulevard Maintenance Bylaw.

Residents, strata corporations, and businesses must remove snow and ice from sidewalks bordering their property within 24 hours of a snowfall or storm event, or by 10am if the property is located on a Priority Pedestrian Route.

 Priority pedestrian routes

Priority Pedestrian Routes are sidewalks near Port Moody SkyTrain stations that typically see higher volumes of commuter pedestrian traffic. They are identified in the Sidewalk and Boulevard Maintenance, Schedule A as follows: 

Street name Sections Sides 

St. Johns St./Barnet Highway 

From Queens St. to Coquitlam border/ Balmoral Dr. 

North and south 

Clarke St.

From Queens St.to Moody St.


Dewdney Trunk Rd.

From St. Johns St. to Viewmount Dr.

North and south 

Moody St. 

From Clarke St.to St. Johns St.

East and west 

Hugh St.

From Spring St. to St. Johns St.


Williams St.

From Spring St. to St. Johns St.

East and west  

Murray St./Guildford Way 

From Klahanie Dr. (West) to Ungless Way

North and south

Ioco Rd.

From Ungless Way to Barnet Highway 

East and west

Ungless Way 

From Ioco Rd. to Guildford Way 


If the sidewalk bordering your property is a Priority Pedestrian Route, you must remove snow or ice by 10am every day.

Failure to keep sidewalks fronting your property clear may result in a fine of $100. Failure to remove snow or ice from a Priority Pedestrian Route may result in fines ranging from $100 (for a first offence) to $500.

Fines may be issued daily until the sidewalk is cleared. In addition to daily fines, the City may decide to complete the work the clear the sidewalk at the owner’s expense.

Ensure fire hydrants are accessible

Also under the Sidewalk and Boulevard Bylaw Maintenance Bylaw, residents, strata corporations, and business owners are required to clear snow from on and around fire hydrants to ensure emergency access. Fines for violating the bylaw start at $100.

Follow parking guidelines and regulations

Cars parked or abandoned on roads can prevent the safe passage of snowplows and affect the progress of city-wide maintenance efforts during winter conditions. We ask all residents to avoid parking on the street whenever possible when weather conditions include snow and/or ice.

In some areas, where it is especially difficult for snowplows to pass next to parked cars, we implement seasonal parking restrictions from December 1 to March 15. Restricting parking in these areas allows plows to pass safely and efficiently, keeping the roads clear and minimizing the potential for damage to parked cars. 

Seasonal parking restrictions

For 2023-2024, seasonal parking restrictions will be in effect for specific sections of the following roads: 

Street name

Section of the street where restrictions apply

April Road

East side of the road from Ioco Road to Barber Street Park. View map. 

Burrard Crescent

North side of the road from 18 to 20 Burrard Crescent and east side of the road from 32 to 36 Burrard Crescent. View map.

Sycamore Drive

North side of the road from Maple Drive to 132 Sycamore Drive. View map.

View Street

West side of the road from View Court to 1790 View Street. View map. 

Seasonal restrictions apply during snowfall events, with parking allowed as per normal parking regulations when there is no active snowfall or no active snow/ice response in progress. Please follow instructions on posted road signs, which indicate when and where parking restrictions apply.

Throughout the winter months, we monitor the effectiveness of seasonal parking restrictions and make adjustments as needed.

Be a good neighbour

Here are some ways you can help during or after a snowfall event:

  • please help others who may need assistance with shovelling snow
  • remember to clear any catch basins adjacent to your property so that melting snow doesn't cause flooding
  • remove snow from in front of fire hydrants so first responders have easy access in an emergency
  • do not shovel snow from sidewalks or driveways onto the road, as this creates more work for snow plows and may result in a plow pushing the snow back onto your driveway
  • when shoveling, pile snow to the right of your driveway (when looking out at the street from your front door) as this gives you a better line of sight to approaching traffic
  • during or after a snowfall, avoid parking on public roads so that your vehicle does not obstruct snow removal equipment
  • only drive if you are comfortable in winter conditions, and make sure your vehicle is properly equipped with snow tires and an emergency kit

Has someone helped you out by shoveling snow? Nominate them to be recognized as a Snow Star

Waste collection service interruptions

Collection of garbage, green waste, recycling, and glass may be delayed or cancelled during extreme weather events. Download our Solid waste app to receive alerts and updates so you can stay informed.