When winter conditions hit, we are ready. Our staff work around the clock to maintain our roads and sidewalks.

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Bylaw information

Unless you are located on a Priority Pedestrian Route, you must remove snow or ice from a sidewalk bordering your property within 24 hours after a snowfall or storm event. Please clear any catch basins adjacent to your property, so that melting snow doesn't cause flooding. View our Sidewalk and Boulevard Maintenance Bylaw for more information.

Failure to keep your sidewalk clear may result in a fine of $100.

Please do not shovel snow from sidewalks or driveways onto the road. Move all snow onto your lawn or to the side of your house, in the direction of traffic. This will help to prevent snow from piling up on sidewalks and in front of your driveway. During or after snowfalls, park your car off the street if possible.

Priority Pedestrian Routes

If the sidewalk bordering your property is a Priority Pedestrian Route, you must remove snow or ice by 10am every day.

Priority Pedestrian Routes
Street name Sections Sides 

St. Johns St./Barnet Highway 

From Queens St. to Coquitlam border/ Balmoral Dr. 

North and south 

Clarke St.

From Queens St.to Moody St.


Dewdney Trunk Rd.

From St. Johns St. to Viewmount Dr.

North and south 

Moody St. 

From Clarke St.to St. Johns St.

East and west 

Hugh St.

From Spring St. to St. Johns St.


Williams St.

From Spring St. to St. Johns St.

East and west  

Murray St./Guildford Way 

From Klahanie Dr. (West) to Ungless Way

North and south

Ioco Rd.

From Ungless Way to Barnet Highway 

East and west

Ungless Way 

From Ioco Rd. to Guildford Way 


Failing to clear a Priority Pedestrian Route may result in daily fines, which range from $100 for a first offence and $500 for future offences.

Response priorities

We prioritize how we clear roads and pedestrian areas in order to provide a high level of safety on busier routes. We classify our roads as Priority 1, 2, or 3.

You can view our priority maps:


Priority 1 roads

Priority 1 roads are major routes that allow movement across the city and connect with regional roads and highways. These routes must be clear of snow and ice to allow movement of emergency vehicles and buses.

Priority 2 roads

Priority 2 roads are collector routes. They are often more than 200 metres long and connect to Priority 3 routes. These roads can also be routes that access neighbourhood local roads and key infrastructure, such as:

  • water reservoirs
  • water pump stations
  • sewer lift stations

Any bus routes that are not included in Priority 1 are included in Priority 2.

Priority 3 roads

Priority 3 roads include all other local roads that are usually less than 200 metres and connect to Priority 2 routes.

We service Priority 3 roads during normal weekday business hours, unless special circumstances require an immediate response.

Pedestrian areas

We maintain sidewalks that front City property, as well as crosswalks, medians, letdowns, bus stops, and pedestrian overpasses.

Priority 1 pedestrian areas

Priority 1 includes pedestrian areas that are within 800 metres of Inlet Centre and Moody Centre SkyTrain stations.

To allow the safe movement of pedestrians, we will remove snow and ice from Priority 1:

  • crosswalks
  • medians
  • letdowns
  • bus stops
  • sidewalks
  • overpasses
  • walkways

We maintain these routes at all times when feasible, including outside of normal business hours.

Priority 2 pedestrian areas

Priority 2 includes pedestrian areas that are farther than 800 metres from Inlet Centre and Moody Centre SkyTrain stations. We clear these areas after snowfall ends, during our normal weekday business hours.