The City of Port Moody's Shoreline Trail Sanitary Sewer Upgrades Project will upgrade two aging sanitary sewer mains located along the north side of the Shoreline Trail. These sewer mains are critical components of our sanitary sewer network. The project design is expected to be completed by December 2020 and construction is tentatively scheduled to begin in February 2021.

Survey: Shoreline Trail Improvements

Thank you to everyone who completed our survey. City staff presented a report seeking funding for the recommended options for the rehabilitation of the shoreline trail sanitary sewers and pathway (Item 4.2) at the November 3, 2020 Regular Council Meeting. The report includes an attachment summarizing the feedback received via the survey.

Project Details

This project will upgrade an existing gravity sanitary sewer main and an existing low pressure sanitary sewer main which are both located along the north side of the Shoreline Trail. Work on the gravity main will primarily be conducted through trenchless (limited excavation) technology and work on the low pressure main will by a hybrid of both trenchless and open-cut methods. 

Stakeholder engagement

In developing this project, we have engaged with the following stakeholder groups:

  • Parks and Recreation Committee
  • Seniors Focus Group
  • HUB - Tri-Cities Group
  • Environmental Protection Committee
  • Environmental Stewardship Groups
  • Canadian Pacific Railway
  • Transportation Committee

Environmental Impact

The project area has significant environmental and wildlife value including intact riparian habitat, large urban forests, and salmon-bearing creeks. As part of the sewer replacement project, the environmental features have been mapped and catalogued to understand potential impacts the projects may have on these sensitive habitats. The goal of the City and this project is to avoid and minimize project-related impacts to the environment. For example, reducing the number of tree removals is a critical consideration that has guided the decision-making process to date. 


Shoreline Trail, between Murray Street and Old Orchard Park


  • June 2020 - Preliminary investigations including Environmental Impact Study, Tree Inventory, Archaeological Impact Study, and Geotechnical Investigations completed
  • July 2020 - Alignment finalized for the low pressure sanitary sewer main
  • December 2020 - Final design completed
  • February 2021 - Construction begins 


Project Engineer