The City of Port Moody's sanitary sewer system collects sewage from all properties in the City, and conveys it Metro Vancouver's sewer system for treatment.

Sanitary sewer service connections

You must contact a plumber or contractor for problems with your sanitary sewer connection.

Call a plumber or contractor first for:

  • slow draining fixtures
  • flooding or back from one fixture
  • flooding or backup from all fixtures

Contact us or call 604-469-4574 for:

  • sewage flowing from a manhole or inspection chamber
  • missing manhole or inspection chamber lids

Inspection chambers

Properties connected to our sanitary sewer system after 1987 may have an inspection chamber at or near the property line. This allows us to inspect the flow through the service connection.

Keep them clear

Make sure to never pave or landscape over, or bury inspection chambers. Delays in finding an inspection chambers may result in increased property damage and flooding.

Please contact us or call 604-469-4574 right away if you notice that your inspection chamber lids are missing.