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The completion of construction projects is dependent on weather. The following dates and times are subject to change.

Roadwork and construction
Barnet Highway: Manhole Audit
Date: July 27-29, 2020
Hours of work: 9am-3pm
Location: Barnet Highway, near intersection with Ioco Road
Impact to you: On Barnet Highway, the westbound curb lane, bike lane, and sidewalk may be closed intermittently. 
Capilano Road: Building Maintenance
Date: July 2 - August 1
Hours of work: 8am-6pm
Location: 100 and 200 Capilano Road
Impact to you: The east sidewalk on Capilano Road will be closed to pedestrians. There will also be restricted parking adjacent to the work area.
Easthill Park: Tennis Court Repairs
Date: April 1 - July 15, 2020
Hours of work: 7am-8pm
Location: Easthill Park tennis courts
Impact to you: The tennis courts are closed during construction. Some construction noise and dust is expected.
Kyle Street: Box Culvert Removal
Date: July 6-17, 2020
Hours of work: 8am-8pm
Location: Kyle Street between Clarke Street and Spring Street
Impact to you: Kyle Street, between Clarke Street and Spring Street, will be closed during construction hours. 
Newport Drive: Building Maintenance
Date: July 13-16, 2020
Hours of work: 8am-6pm
Location: 225 and 260 Newport Drive
Impact to you: Parking will be restricted adjacent to buildings at 225 and 260 Newport Drive to accommodate a boom lift.
St. Johns Street: Building Cleaning and Painting
Date: June 29 - July 31, 2020
Hours of work: 9am-3pm
Location: St. Johns Street, between Kyle Street and Mary Street, and Kyle Street, between St. Johns Street and Spring Street
Impact to you: Parking along St. Johns Street and Kyle Street will be restricted during construction hours. 
3131 St. Johns Street

Developer: Woodbridge Homes
Construction Manager: Trillium Projects

On St. Johns Street, the curb eastbound lane may be closed between 9am-3pm. The two through eastbound lanes will remain open. The south sidewalk between Buller Street and Moray Street will be closed. Moray Place will be closed at Moray Street. There will be traffic delays along Moray Street and St. Johns Street. Please check TransLink for alerts related to bus stop #53150 (Eastbound St. Johns Street at Moray Street).

3370 Dewdney Trunk Road

Developer: PC Urban  
Construction Manager: Marcon Construction

From July 13-31, 2020, parking along the north curb lane of Dewdney Trunk Road will be closed between the development site to St. Johns Street. Pedestrians must use the south sidewalk. Work hours are 8am-6pm.  

50 Electronic Avenue 

Developer: Panatch Group
Construction Manager: Kindred Construction

Limited impact to traffic at this time. 

Bayview Heights - 2317 St. Johns Street

Developer: Springbank Properties
Construction Manager: Bold Construction

The site is currently excavating with the access point off of St. Andrews Street between Queens Street and Elgin Street. St. Andrews Street is reduced to single-lane alternating both directions. Traffic control persons will be positioned at both ends and at the site access point to assist residents in the work area.

George by Marcon - 3105 and 3021 St. George Street

Developer and Construction Manager: Marcon Development and Construction

As part of this development, a portion of Dallas Creek, between Hope Street and St. Andrews Street, will see significant upgrades including the installation of a new culvert crossing under St. George Street. In order to facilitate this upgrade, St. George Street will need to be closed to through traffic from Buller Street and Williams Street. Drivers will be directed to Henry Street or St Johns Street.

The Grande - 300 Morrissey Road

Developer: Onni Group of Companies
Construction Manager: Onni Construction

Due to ongoing construction, there may be intermittent traffic impacts on Capilano Road and Morrissey Road. This includes single lane, alternating traffic to allow for delivery and pickup of materials, as well as a temporary road closures as necessary. 

Sophia Living - 80 Elgin Street

Developer: Paulsun Holding Ltd
Construction Manager: Fraser River Construction

From June 22 - September 22, 2020, Clarke Street, between Douglas Street and Queens Street, will be reduced to one lane in each direction. Parking along Clarke Street will be restricted. The sidewalk along Clarke Street and Elgin Street, adjacent to the work area, will be closed. Traffic control persons will be onsite to assist drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists.  Hours of work are 9am-3pm.

The Platform - 2719 and 2721 Clarke Street

Developer: Aragon Properties
Construction Manager: Aragon Construction

The southbound curb lane on Moody Street, between Clarke Street and Spring Street, is closed. Spring Street may be closed intermittently to allow for delivery of construction materials.

The Springs - 2318 St. Johns Street

Developer: Catalyst Community Development Society
Construction Manager: VanMar Construction

Spring Street, between Queens Street and Elgin Street, is closed except to local traffic only. On-street parking in the east curb lane on Elgin Street, between St. Johns Street and Spring Street, is limited.