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The City of Port Moody & Port Moody Fire Rescue are encouraging private property owners to use FireSmart principles and initiatives to reduce the risk of wildfire damage to their homes and community.  This project may be subject to change.  

Residents, community associations, and strata properties with the City of Port Moody can request an assessment free or charge.

Those property owners that conduct FireSmart treatments within 0 to 10 meters from their home (Zone 1 and 1a) will be eligible for FireSmart grants.

Application Requirements & Process 

  • Step 1 - Review FireSmart BC Homeowner's Manual 
  • Step 2 - If interested in a free Property Assessment please contact Port Moody Fire rescue at pmfd.info@portmoody.ca
  • Step 3 - One of our local FireSmart representatives visits your property and conducts an assessment with the property owner. 
  • Step 4 - When you have completed the suggested FireSmart activities our representative will revisit you and your site. 

A certified FireSmart PMFR member will help identify wildfire hazards around your property, and suggest actions to reduce the risk of damage.  

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