Backyard gas fueled fire pit

All open fires, including fire pits and campfires, are banned in the City of Port Moody, as outlined in our Fire Protection and Emergency Response Bylaw.

Residents can use BBQs, fire tables, and fire pits that use liquid or gas fuels. Charcoal briquette BBQs are also permitted.


Seasonal Burn Ban No Fires

Media Release July 19, 2023

As a result of the local fire danger rating reaching “extreme,” Acting Fire Chief Kirk Heaven has issued a ban, effective immediately, on the use of cooking and warming appliances in City parks, forested lands, and public green spaces. This ban, issued under City of Port Moody Bylaw 2835 (Port Moody Fire Prevention and Emergency Response), will remain in effect until further notice.

Prohibited activities and devices include: any open fire for personal warmth or cooking; portable wood burning devices; tiki torches; and sky lanterns. The ban also applies to CSA- or UL-rated cooking stoves that utilize propane or charcoal briquettes, or portable campfire devices that utilize charcoal briquettes, or liquid or gaseous fuels.

Port Moody Fire Rescue maintains a four-step fire danger rating which is communicated via their website as well as three digital displays: two digital billboards, located at the Ioco Road/Barnet Highway intersection and on Barnet Highway near the former landfill site, and one digital sign located at the Ioco Road/Newport Drive intersection. The danger rating is currently “extreme” – the highest level on the rating scale. The ban on use of cooking and warming appliances will remain in effect until there is significant rainfall in the region.

As a reminder, smoking is not permitted in City parks at any time, and open fires are banned year-round within the municipal boundaries of the City of Port Moody. Please visit to learn about wildfire safety.