Backyard gas fueled fire pit

All open fires, including fire pits and campfires, are banned in the City of Port Moody, as outlined in our Fire Protection and Emergency Response Bylaw.

Residents can use BBQs, fire tables, and fire pits that use liquid or gas fuels. Charcoal briquette BBQs are also permitted.


Seasonal Burn Ban No Fires

Media Release June 17, 2019

City of Port Moody reminds residents that fire pits and campfires are prohibited year-round

PORT MOODY – The City of Port Moody is reminding residents and visitors that fire pits, campfires, and bonfires are not permitted anywhere within municipal boundaries, due to a year-round ban on open fires.

“Port Moody is a wildland urban interface, which means our homes, schools, and businesses are adjacent to our urban forests, City parks, and green spaces,” says Fire Chief Ron Coulson. “We’re very lucky to live in such a beautiful place, but it means we need to be vigilant about preventing fires. The ban on open fires of any kind, including fire pits, bonfires, and campfires, helps to keep our community safe by reducing the chance of a fire spreading and threatening our families, our homes, and our natural environment.

“We’ve had recent reports of people building campfires in forested areas like Bert Flinn Park,” continues Chief Coulson. “I want to remind our residents and visitors that such fires are dangerous and prohibited year-round. There is always a chance that an open fire can spread, and the risk is extreme in the summer when dry weather turns fields and forests into fuel. I urge everyone to be FireSmart by adhering to the ban on open fires and visiting to find out about other steps you can take to keep your home and your family safe.”

Previously, the City allowed fire pits or small campfires on private property for the purpose of cooking food or providing personal warmth. These types of open air fires are no longer permitted, and violation of the Fire Prevention and Emergency Response Bylaw 2835 carries a $250 fine. Residents may use CSA- or UL-rated outdoor heating devices, such as fire tables or fire pits that use liquid or gaseous fuels, as well as CSA- or UL-rated barbecues or cooking devices that use charcoal briquettes, or liquid or gaseous fuels. When the fire danger rating reaches extreme, Port Moody Fire Rescue introduces a temporary ban on the use of all outdoor cooking or warming appliances in City parks, forested lands, and public green spaces.

Council adopted the ban on July 11, 2017, bringing Port Moody in line with all other Lower Mainland municipalities, where open air burning of wood is prohibited. Please visit to learn more about fire and home safety.

Under Bylaw 2835, the City also prohibits burning of green waste, garbage, rubber, plastic, and hazardous materials. Under Smoking Regulation Bylaw 2773, smoking is prohibited in any City parks, sports venues, school premises, playgrounds, and beaches.