On May 6, 2020, the Province announced a plan to lift COVID-19 restrictions in phases, gradually allowing for more social and economic activity while closely monitoring health information to minimize the risk to the public. We’ve responded with Moving Forward, a phased plan to deliver services and programs as we adapt to the new normal during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The safety of our residents and employees is our top priority. Our plan, which aligns with BC’s Restart Plan, puts safety first by outlining a series of questions that will guide staff as they make and carry out important decisions in a careful and steady way. It also provides details on the kinds of services and programs that will be available with modifications as we move forward in four phases:

moving forward timeline

Our plan is a living document that can be scaled back or adjusted to allow for new or revised direction from the Province as the pandemic continues to evolve. Read the full plan or take a look at one or more of the sections below.

Moving forward in phases

We’ll move forward in four phases that align with BC’s Restart Plan. In each phase, the City will:

-     identify priorities
-     develop detailed plans
-     implement plans
-     monitor and evaluate
-     make adjustments as necessary
-     begin planning for the next phase
-     communicate with the public on a regular basis

The timeline provided for each phase is subject to change. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to evolve, the Province may issue new or revised directives and we will scale back or adjust our plan as required.

phase 1 arrow Phase 1
Phase 1 was underway in April and May 2020 as the City began looking ahead to see how we could move forward with delivering services and programs. This phase focused on planning and identifying opportunities and challenges, taking into consideration continuously-changing information about COVID-19 coming from public health authorities, scenarios that describe the potential future impacts of COVID-19, and different models for adapting or restarting services.
phase 2 blue arrow Phase 2

Phase 2 looks at the delivery of services and programs in three steps. It started in May 2020 with Step 1 and will extend through September 2020.

Step 1 – outdoor public spaces and curbside service where applicable

We will move forward with plans to re-establish or re-open the following services or facilities:

a. Recreational facilities in parks

  • tennis courts
  • skate park
  • bike skills park
  • sport courts
  • basketball courts
  • sports fields
  • lacrosse box
  • playgrounds
  • Old Orchard Beach swimming area

b. Recreation programs/services

  • outdoor registered fitness programs
  • outdoor personal training services

c. Library services

  • curbside book drop-off and pick-up

d. Other City services

  • curbside document drop-off and pick-up by appointment, as required

Step 2 – recreation programming and scheduled access to/limited use of specific City buildings

We will move forward with plans to re-establish or re-open the following services or facilities:

a. Parks services

  • booking sports fields
  • spray parks
  • water fountains

b. Recreation services

  • summer camps with a focus on outdoor experiences
  • Westhill Pool with services limited to those where physical distancing requirements can be met
  • rental of Old Orchard Hall

c. Library services

  • re-open the Library with limited access

d. Other City services

  • in-person service at City Hall during scheduled times

Step 3 – increase scheduled services

We will move forward with plans to re-establish or re-open the following services or facilities:

a. Recreation services

  • limited indoor recreation programs and classes by registration only
  • limited weight room services by registration only
  • limited ice arena services by registration only

b. Council meetings

  • return of Council meetings to the Inlet Theatre with modified public access (fewer than 50 people)
phase 3 dark green arrow Phase 3
Phase 3 will focus on increasing public access to buildings, accepting bookings for small gatherings at civic facilities, and making modifications to enable drop-in service. We anticipate Phase 3 will start in early fall 2020.

City staff will determine priorities for Phase 3 once the impact of Phase 2 is known, current trends for new COVID-19 cases have been evaluated, and the provincial government and health authorities have provided further direction for municipalities.

Information from the Province indicates that physical distancing requirements and enhanced cleaning protocols will still be in place, so we’ll need to continue to make adjustments to the way our services are delivered.

Phase 3 will include:

-     opening recreation centres for drop-in services
-     opening the Inlet Theatre for events and activities with fewer than 50 people
-     opening up civic facilities for community rentals
-     Port Moody Fire Rescue community outreach and fire prevention education
-     increased scheduled and drop-in recreation and library programming

 phase 4 red arrow Phase 4

Phase 4 will focus on activities that involve large gatherings, but the timing has not been determined. It’s unclear when large groups will be able to gather again and when the City will be able to plan and support City-organized events and community-organized events held on City property.

We will align our plans with BC’s Restart Plan, which notes that Phase 4 is conditional on at least one of the following: wide vaccination, “community” immunity, and broad successful treatments for COVID-19.

guiding questions arrow Guiding questions for all phases

As we move forward with delivering programs and services, we’ll base our decisions on the answers to these 10 important questions:

Is the action we’re taking safe? The safety of our residents, employees, and visitors is our top priority. Health and safety will always be at the centre of everything we do. We will follow all directives and safety recommendations issued by the provincial government.

Does it affect essential services? The City continues to deliver 72 provincially-defined essential services – these must be prioritized at all times.

Does it support business recovery? We’re committed to doing everything we can to support local businesses and the recovery of Port Moody’s economy.

Is it financially responsible? The City of Port Moody is fiscally sound, but we’re paying close attention to the costs associated with modifying services.

Is our response measured? We’ll move forward incrementally, in a careful and steady way, so that our actions are supporting province-wide efforts that have been successful in slowing the spread of COVID-19.

Does it allow for flexibility? The Province continues to encourage virtual service delivery so that workers and customers can stay home when possible. We’ll support the continuation of virtual service delivery where feasible to ensure we can be flexible if the Province directs us to slow, stop, or reverse actions to protect public health and safety.

Have affected teams been involved in the planning process? Making a change to the way a service is delivered affects many City teams, both public-facing and behind the scenes. We must involve as many affected City staff as possible in the planning process to ensure they can deliver their services in a manner consistent with departmental safety plans.

Is there an opportunity to use a more efficient service-delivery method? As part of our response to the pandemic, the City has successfully implemented new service-delivery digital platforms ahead of schedule. These platforms have helped us to improve our customer service. We’ll continue to consider new and more efficient ways of doing business as we move forward.

Does it meet the unique needs of our community? We’ll respect the unique opportunities and challenges that exist in our community and make decisions that meet the needs of our residents and businesses.

Are we in close communication with our Tri-Cities and regional partners? We’ll continue to work with the City of Coquitlam and the City of Port Coquitlam, as well as other municipalities in the Metro Vancouver area, to move forward in alignment where possible. We recognize that each municipality will assess their individual finances, resources, and risk, and respond accordingly.

We're here for you

Even though we’re doing some things differently, we’re still here for you. City staff are readily available by email or phone to assist the public. We have continued to deliver essential services and we’re delivering many additional services virtually. Residents and business owners can find information, pay bills, apply for or renew a business licence, or submit a permit application online. 

Need to pay a bill but want to stay home? Sign up for e-billing today at my.portmoody.ca so you can pay your bills online. 

If you have questions or comments about our Moving Forward plan, please fill out a feedback form. Visit our COVID-19 web page for up-to-date information on impacts to services, programs, and facilities. 

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